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Being patient has changed the way I pick and play my games

Content of the article: "Being patient has changed the way I pick and play my games"

The original reason why I became a patient gamer was to save money. I was spending way too much money on games that I wasn’t playing. They were going straight to the backlog because I was still playing another game or I couldn’t justify playing the newest purchase ahead of a game I might have purchased two weeks prior.

Nowadays, I find that it’s less so about the money saved and more about just playing games that I’m in the mood to play. Adopting this new way of playing games has made my time actually gaming so much better. I never feel like I have to finish a game quickly to get to the next game that I just bought. Instead, I can just focus on enjoying the game I’m currently playing.

With that being said, I now find that I’m way more likely to play shorter games. When I was younger and would purchase games on or near release, I would always try and find out how long the game took to beat or how many gameplay hours could be had from the game. I considered games that were less than 10 hours long to be short and I was less likely to purchase them. I wouldn’t even consider a game that was shorter than 5 hours. I just didn’t think they were worth the money and I probably prevented myself from playing some good games.

Now that I’ve given up purchasing games near release, I almost always end up saving tons of money when I do buy a game I want to play. I also notice that the length of the game isn’t even a factor I consider anymore and I think I’m way better off this way. This sub has been my go-to place for any and everything video game related recently and I just wanted to thank you all for showing me the way.

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Has anyone else found the way they go about choosing which games to play and how they play the games changed when they started being more patient? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Always looking for new perspectives on gaming.

Edit: Thanks so much kind stranger for my first ever Reddit award!


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