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Best combat in pvp focused games?

My friends and I are looking for a new game and to get into. We’re very competitive and enjoy fluid and deep combat. To give you guys an idea of what I’m looking for I’ll give you some of the things we liked/didn’t like about mmos we’ve tried.

Blade and soul has the best combat out of any mmo I’ve ever played but took a ton of grinding to stay competitive and at the time we were playing had a slew of other issues that afaik have not been fixed. At this point catching up in Hong moon levels seems daunting and even people who love the game and continue to play it seem to still complain about some of the same issues

We got into BDO when they started the seasonal servers and had a pretty good time. The seasonal servers jump started your progression in a great way and a lot of the classes are really interesting. The combat was not as good as BnS but still felt great. Once the first season ended I got pretty burnt out. Admittedly it might be because the class I rolled season 2 had a pretty boring PvE rotation (Sorc) but the fact that the only source of progression is just grinding thousands of mobs that you practically one shot gets old pretty quick. At the end of our time playing we spent more time just 1v1ing each other than we did progressing. We were under geared for guild pvp and all other instanced pvp felt underwhelming and I was just getting 1 shot repeatedly.

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Archeage was really interesting. I liked the class system and the player driven economy. I enjoyed the open world pvp aspect of fighting over trade packs and ganking trade ships before they got to the harbor to take everything they had worked for. The combat was better than most mmos but doesn’t quite measure up to the other two I mentioned. It seems like the issues I had with it at the time (mostly needing to fork out tons of cash to avoid the horrendous rng based gear progression) have been fixed with unchained. However, it seems that what I enjoyed of the game is no longer a thing as trade packs don’t matter anymore and the progression revolves more around daily quests.

I haven’t really found anything that checks the boxes I’m looking for and right now it seems like giving BDO another try might be my best bet. We’re not looking exclusively for an MMO so if theres any other game with a similar combat to these that we can play together and/or against each other feel free to suggest those

TLDR: Looking for a game to play with my friends. Game should be pvp focused with really deep and fluid combat


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