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Best phone that will run old Dalvik games?

Content of the article: "Best phone that will run old Dalvik games?"

So I randomly came across this video on YouTube video saying that around 2014 Android switched from the Dalvik to the ART code compiler and as a result of this there are a ton of old "abandoned" games that just will not run on new android devices. One of the ones that I purchased and never realized was gone forever was Mass Effect Infiltrator, just because I hadn't played it or even thought of the game in YEARS, like multiple, multiple phones ago. So I went and checked and yeah the game doesn't exist on the play store even though it's from a massive AAA company like EA… So I found some less than legal means of getting the app I rightfully owned and couldn't get anymore and low and behold the game doesn't play on my new, recent, phone. It just goes white screen for a couple of seconds and then the app crashes to Android.

I get that this isn't something I was concerned about before I knew about this oversight and limitation. But the reason I'm now in the market for the best phone that can run these old games is because I'm a really avid Android Gamer. I own a telescopic controller, a 256Gb Micro SD, my phone has a snapdragon 845, a 128Gb of internal storage and 8Gb of RAM, a 3200mAh battery case, and just over all the works for my phone so that I can play the best games, Android or Emulated, when ever I want, and I plan on upgrading finally once the next Samsung Galaxy S series comes out next year. So really I put a lot into being able to play the widest variety of games on my phone as possible, and finding out that some of these old, GOOD, games (Dead Space for Android, Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Chaos Rings, Nova 1/2/3, etc.) are now completely removed from my library, not only due to mass software removal from official sources, but because there is an actual device limitation is a pretty massive let down to me.

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So I'm just wondering if anyone knows the best old phone to buy to be able to play these titles on? I was thinking of something like the Galaxy Note3 because it came out in late 2013, and apparently the switch happened in 2014 for KitKat. But I thought I would come here and see if I got any responses from anyone who knows for sure the best performing old phone to get for these old titles.


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