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Best storytelling in video games In my opinion.

Content of the article: "Best storytelling in video games In my opinion."

My list has to be 1) Red dead redemption 2 Because it's the best tv show/novel-like video game out there. Each chapter from 1-4 feels like a season and chapter 5-6 could easily be crammed into one season with epilogue being a great movie. The characters are very diverse and it really has one of the greatest & humane protagonist in a genre that really lacks in diversity. Arthur Morgan is the greatest protagonist in a story-based video game imo because how relatable and vulnerable he is shown to be while always searching for the deeper meaning in life. Such showcase of internal vulnerability is rare to be seen in protagonist. His arc is simply the most emotional i have ever been through. But Dutch has to be the most complex character because you have no idea who he actually was inside. Was he always like this or did he turn evil and selfish are questions the characters in the game frequently asked to each other and just like them we have no idea. Micah is the most hated for a reason, Sadie is one of the best in character development ,John Marston's (OG) arc only further enhanced his status as legend and i can keep going on but the point is everyone has a role to play in this story. The way it's characters interact with each other in this huge world is really breathtaking. The soundtrack enhance the beauty of this story and the world. The finale mission of chapter 6 and epilogue is when i genuinely felt like i was in a movie. The themes of redemption comes at a cost, cycle of revenge and it's consequences (RDR1), loyalty , wild vs civilization, love, loss etc are so perfectly handled and depicted in a satisfying way. The game also doesn't shy away from the historical accuracy in the treatment of native Americans by the government. It's simply the best game in terms of storytelling imo 2) Witcher 3 I think this is the best adaption of a book in a video game even if it's indirect adaption. I feel like this is the most beautiful RPG ever. The story is massive and grand but the most compelling part of the story for me was definitely the characters. The character development in this game is amazing, and I truly began to feel a sense of comfort and love for nearly all of the characters. Geralt shows surprisingly amount of emotions despite being a witcher and Ciri is my favourite female character of all time. Personally this is my game of the decade even it's a clichéd choice. The world is really something out of a fairy tale book but filled with the most emotional and interesting side quests and characters and the soundtrack is just fascinating. 3) Nier automata I have never being more conflicted about which ending to choose than in this game. 2B and 9S's relationship and character development made this a very good and compelling story with A2's perspective only enhancing the story. What really made this game so unique in terms of storytelling is the world and i kid you not i have never experienced a world so empty yet beautiful in it's emptiness and sadness. The loss of a great civilization is felt at every corner of the world. The Nihilism of the world really shines through when the twist comes through and every character has to go through so much pain and loss for Nothing. The soundtrack is very contrasting to the world yet just like the world it's awe-inspiring in it's sadness. 4) the last of us I think enough has been said about this game but seriously tho some of the best acting and emotional scenes in the history of the industry. Best story told in a such an unoriginal setting.

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