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Beyond Good & Evil, A great game that is too short.

I've had this game for years now, it pretty much just sat in my slowly growing collection of PS2 games. Decided to finally play it a little while ago. Was not disappointed. I was actually annoyed with myself for not playing it earlier. Now here is my extremely delayed review. Apologies in advance if it's sloppy, writing isn't a strength of mine. I'm trying to improve it, hence this review.

When you start a new game, a short cutscene will play, and then it just throws you into the action. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing either it explains the basic premise of the game really well. Planet is being invaded by aliens, (The DomZ) citizens are left to protect themselves while the military (Alpha Sections) pretends to help and takes credit for everything.

The combat is simple and easy to do. It's just 2 buttons and an analog stick for movement. You do get companions with special abilities later on though The more cement is smooth and the hitboxes are decent, so no complaints from me

The main mechanics that make this game really stand out are the camera and the hovercraft.

The camera is how you earn units (The main common currency used to buy stuff from most places) You do this by taking a photo of any species and sending that photo off for a reward. The camera is also >! Used to uncover a major conspiracy by taking photos that prove The DomZ and Alpha Sections are working together. !<

The hovercraft is how you get around to each location. It's starts off as a barely functional bucket of bolts but you slowly upgrade over time. You upgrade it by taking it to the coolest rhinos ever at Mammago Garage and give them pearls to install modifications. These modifications are needed to progress through the story. Pearls are an illegal currency in the game's world that can be acquired by either purchasing them with Units, completing challenges, or by defeating bosses.

The story is great, it's pretty dark and serious with humour mixed in. I won't really go into it (Other Than what was said previously in the review) since people who have already played it know the story and people who haven't really should give this game a try.

The soundtrack is fantastic. It's both unique and diverse. The song that plays at Mammago is obviously the best one. The song at Akuda's bar comes in second.

Now for it's downsides. The stupid letterboxed screen resolution is really annoying sometimes. Sure you can just set your display mode on your monitor/TV to zoom, but then it cuts off important information that is on the bottom black bar. Plus the picture will be super blurry even if progressive scan is on. I ended up manually adjusting the display mode and playing with a component to HDMI Upscaler.

Second complaint is the big one, it's just too short. Took me a whopping 11 hours to beat, I didn't 100% it but I was pretty close. This game could have been so much more. I would have liked to explore the galaxy, have side plots where you photograph other events, help out other settlements. Maybe that's too much to ask for a game from this time, I'm not sure. It just needed to be longer in my opinion.. Not saying there's anything wrong with shorter games, but this one could have been so much more if it was longer.


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