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Bioshock. Dipping my toes into “scary” games.

So I did a post here not too long ago asking where to start with scary games. Link This post will contain spoilers so read at your own risk if you haven't played it!


Shout out to u/Debrezen for giving me keys to a couple of horror games! Bioshock was not one I claimed, but they did offer me a key for it. This led to me mentioning the games to a friend who bugged me endlessly to play Bioshock. To shut him up, I did.


So my friend told me Bioshock wasn't that scary, and only had a couple of jump scares but barely anything. I had tried Bioshock before years ago on my BF's PC near release. Had some dentist/surgeon dude jump out at me from behind from a cupboard, and noped the fuck out. That was my starting and remaining memory of the game. That alone has made it so, until now, I did not want to play. Now I'm trying to be a "big girl" and not be scared, I played it. Right until the end. This wont be so much of a review but I was asked for my thoughts on any of the suggested games I played so, here are my thoughts.


"The game doesn't have many jump scares." <— Bullshit. BULLSHIT! It took about 5mins into the game for me to get the shit scared out of me. Now I am a very anxious person but I'm also very used to clearing a room in a game, and then that room stays empty. Bioshock says fuck you to that! You clear a room, go looking for loot to pick up, come back, open the door and BAM! Some creepy looking fucker standing right there. Turn a corner? BAM! Splicer. Enter a new room? Excuse me while a splicer just drops onto your head! A dead body ready for looting? Psyche! Not actually dead! Just when I thought I was ready and prepared for anything, they switched the fucking lights off! Never have I ever ripped my ear buds out so quickly and actively left my PC expecting something to happen. AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS! Why do you torment me so?! It's not even just the splicers. I would scope out a room, kill the splicers. Ok can't see anything, cool. Walk in. RAT-TAT-TAT-TAT-TAT! Turret starts shooting you out of nowhere also scaring the life out of me. Anyone who says this game doesn't have many jump scares is a liar. There is no way in hell the devs set these guys up to not cause you jump out of your skin just by entering a room.

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My friend told me Fort Frolic had the most jump scares when I got to that part. I found 0. None. Nought. Maybe because as soon as I saw some ice statues with health bars, I shot the shit out of them. I would assume that if you got close they would jump out at you? I wasn't taking any chances. They all got a bullet to the head and smashed into tiny pieces before I got close. It was actually the most relaxed zone for me and I wish it was longer. Cohen seemed like an interesting character that you kill off too quickly.


Now the story is the big thing that made me want to play. I can't say I was that disappointed, it was a good story. I went in 100% blind, so I had 0 knowledge of the story other than I arrived in a plan crash, and some fucker is gonna jump out of a cupboard at me (though this time I got him first!). I did listen to every single recording I could find which I'm glad I did but I also was able to work out 99% of the story before I even reached Ryan. I knew Atlas would be a bad guy from booting up the game just because of his name alone. It's a too purposefully picked and unusual name for him to just be a helpful guy you happen to stumble across. Most people know the Greek myth of Atlas holding up the world, and in a universe where the supposed main baddy has a generic name like Andrew Ryan, Atlas is too unique. I didn't link him to Fontane until meeting Peach Wilkins. Him going on about how you're working for Fontaine and Atlas being so adamant that Fontaine was dead was well… I semi-jokingly said I bet Atlas is Fontane at that point of the game and guess I was right. Lastly, being Ryan's son was a bit more obvious because it's hardly the first or last time such a set up has been used. The comments from Ryan as you play through the game, the recording of Jasmine and her sold pregnancy with Ryan. By this point it's fairly obvious. It made meeting Ryan very anticlimactic. I already knew he wasn't "the end" which kind of puts a dampener on it. However I can't fault the devs for this. I've experienced a lot of stories through film, tv shows, anime, games etc. There's only so much "new" stuff you can do. With the whole Star Wars "I am your farther" moment, I feel like being the antagonists child is not very surprising anymore across any media. I can also see how not everyone would have gone "Atlas has a funny name, must be a bad guy". That's just me picking apart all the story I hear in any game or movie I watch. It's what I do and I spoil it for myself.

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That being said, the mind control part of the story is the 1% which did catch me off guard. I really liked how they implemented it. I thought it was weird how even Angry Atlas would say "would you kindly" but I just brushed it off as the devs wanting to make him seem very polite, and correct for the time period. Going back through and now re-hearing his dialogue and how you do just mindlessly do what he says was really great. I wish I didn't work out the rest before this point so I could have experienced the whole moment together. I don't regret listening to all the tapes at all, but at the same time I do wish I had missed some so there would have been more surprises story wise? Either way, the mind control implementation was done fantastically in my opinion. Linking it to how you've gone through the entire game was great. I loved it.


The gameplay itself was fun. I did play on easy so I didn't have any challenges. I'm glad I did was I was being frightened a lot and probably would have died each time on a harder difficulty. That being said, it wasn't hard or difficult, but enjoyable enough for me. I think I could stomach venturing into more scary games if I had it at this difficulty. It's nice not being instantly killed when something unexpected happens. Gives me room to panic!


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Needless to say, I am very glad I picked easy. I did enjoy the game a lot and while I wouldn't' say it was scary scary, it defiantly made me jump out my skin a fair amount. I think people can be a bit misleading on this aspect to those of us who are not used to having monsters jump out at us! I did have to resign to playing the game in the evenings when my boyfriend had finished work. It was a bit embarrassing for him to have to explain to his co-workers in a meeting that no, I was not being attacked, I was just playing Bioshock. Luckily he works for a games company so they understood and found it funny. I wont lie. When he slept in I would wait until he was downstairs with me before I booted it up. You know, just so he could protect me if anything did come out of the monitor!


I hope somebody enjoyed reading this. Sorry it might not be vary articulate or anything. I am not really one for writing stuff like this, but I thought I'd share my experience after so many people helped me out in my original thread. Once again a big thanks to u/Debrezen for the keys. The other games he gave me keys for are as follows. Feel free to help me pick which to look at next!


Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations 2

System Shock 2


Call of Cthulhu


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