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Bioshock Infinite went from good to great because of the ending and the Burial at Sea DLC.

Content of the article: "Bioshock Infinite went from good to great because of the ending and the Burial at Sea DLC."

Warning:- If you have accidentally clicked on this post and don't want the game spoiled, would you kindly go back and don't click on this post, because this post will have massive spoilers.

To be honest, while I was enjoying Bioshock Infinite, I had some mixed opinions on it. The story was good but it felt flat in the middle. The political themes felt a bit flat in comparison to the previous Bioshock games. I hated the fact that the developers tried to hammer in the fact that Comstock and the Vox Populi were just as bad. This should have been approached with a bit of subtlety. And the gameplay was not as good as compared to previous Bioshock games, where it was recommended that you research your enemies and find their weakness. Not to mention that the Big Daddies and Sisters were challenging. By contrast, Bioshock Infinite felt like a COD style shooter with superpowers and less challenging enemy types, compared to Bioshock 1 and 2. And Columbia didn't feel that immersive when compared to Rapture for me. I felt that Comstock wasn't that good of an antagonist, when compared to Andrew Ryan or even Sofia Lamb.

The good things about this game were the gunplay which felt sharp and much better than Bioshock 1 and 2. The protagonists, Booker and Elizabeth were really good(especially Elizabeth) and I liked their uncanny camaraderie. The game used Elizabeth well as a deuteragonist. She would hand you supplies, pick locks and open up tears for you. Lutece twins were brilliant and charismatic too and they stole the show whenever they appeared. And skylining across Columbia was fun. And the ending and DLC, which were the best part of the game.

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Ending:- Now, there might be some conflicting opinions regarding this, but the ending was brilliant, in my opinion. The whole parallel universes and different timelines were handled really well. The whole lighthouse sequences and the boat ride towards the beginning of the game was done really well to hit home their point of constants and variables. And the fact that a Booker DeWitt, in a different timeline, undergoing baptism would turn into the religious freak that is Zach Comstock is a jaw-dropping moment. And not to mention Booker relation with Anna/Elizabeth and the mystery behind Elizabeth's pinky was answered brilliantly. The game ended on a high note and is extremely mind-blowing.

Burial at Sea:- You would think that this DLC was fanservice-y for bringing the best protagonists of the series back to the best location in the series, i.e. Rapture(don't @ me). But by the end of part 2 of the DLC, it becomes responsible for the world-building and the lore of the entire series. The ending of part 1 of this DLC was shocking. Just as shocking as the ending of the main-game. To think Elizabeth would kill Booker/Comstock in another timeline was shocking given we had almost 12 hours of their bonding time, even though she was hella pissed.

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Part 2 was a bit long but it managed to supersede part 1. You play as Elizabeth and the tonal shift from bright, vibrant and hospitable Paris( which Elizabeth wanted to visit) to cruel, dark and unhospitable Rapture was brilliant. And the fact that she would do this because she felt responsible for the death of Sally, a Little Sister who was presumed to be Booker's daughter. You immediately feel as powerless and the fact that Elizabeth can't generate tears in this timeline was a stark contrast to the main game and Part 1. Not to mention, Elizabeth can't take on splicers in hand to hand combat and supplies such as ammo was scarce. It certainly felt more challenging to play as her and you had to power your way through. And then there was the exposition of her relationship with Songbird, inter-dimensional exchange between Suchong and Fink and Atlas/Fontaine and his goons before the events of Bioshock 1. Then there was the ending. To think Elizabeth was somehow responsible for the events of the first game and the death of Fontaine was just brilliant. It just establishes the circle of the Bioshock series. And her character development was brilliantly handled here.

To conclude, Bioshock Infinite would have been a 7/10 game, which meant that it was good in some aspects but bad in others. But because of the ending and the DLC, it is a great game and a memorable one and a worthy conclusion to the Bioshock series.

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