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Black Desert should get upgrade on PS5. Also any Crimson Desert news?

Content of the article: "Black Desert should get upgrade on PS5. Also any Crimson Desert news?"

I think the game will be backward compatible with PS5, though perhaps there will be a performance upgrade so it runs smoother. Also they should add option to walk on console that can be set to any button. the faster people move, the more it affects performance. though overall Black Desert is my favorite mmorpg, followed by FFXIV then FFXI then TERA. PS4 has a huge community and the psn communities are more active than ever! 🙂

also do you think Crimson Desert will be PS4 or PS5? some think it will be PS4 and PS5 besides PC. though not sure about it, the solo campaign sounds like it lacks character creation, which would suck. full unrestricted character creation is essential. not sure how they would design the classes and stuff for Crimson Desert, but I feel mmorpgs should evolve and provide playability offline besides online, with character creation featured in both modes, and offline created characters cannot be used online, and vice versa. that would prevent cheating, and online saved characters would prevent hacks, so security would be easy to do since offline characters would not be allowed and the online would only accept registered characters that are created and saved online.

if mmorpgs start being both offline and online playable (like PSO was on dreamcast, sure that is not a mmorpg but it still was an online focused game that still allowed people to play it online and the game was designed so its balanced for offline solo play too) , they would get more customers. and offline mode can supply a.i. mercenaries to recruit, so that would balance things out too.

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though on the subject of Black Desert, I wouldn't purchase a PS5 unless Black Desert is playable on it, is upgraded so it runs on par with PC version, and Crimson Desert releases on it and proves to be a worthy successor to Black Desert, otherwise I'll just play Black Desert on ps4 cause my PC can barely run MUGEN. so I think they should be sure to raise the standards for mmorpg and overall evolve things so mmorpg aren't just for online gamers. there are microtransactions customers that would jump in if they could play the game offline also. just like how even games like TES have DLCs and people buy them and they play games like that cause the game isn't dependent on online, so the game has more value. and a game with both offline and online access, makes it even greater.


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