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Bless Unleashed

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Crazy to see so much hate for this game here.

Yes Bless and Neowiz hurt you. Sorry you got hyped and then disappointed.

No, you don't have to play Bless Unleashed. No you don't have to support the creators/those who bought the publishing rights, etc.

But objectively speaking – I've been starting the game on on Xbox one, and the worst thing about this game is the reviews.

  1. Combat is fun – it's more calculating.
  2. PVE – at least at the start, was difficult. You don't just auto regen health – it's more like dark souls (heal at pyres, drink pots, etc). You get jumped by a few early bosses and they're actually hard – you'll die if you mess up. That's a nice change of pace for an MMO. The only time it got easy is when the game in-game mailed me some strong items.
  3. The story seems pretty meh/Eastern/Whatever. Not much at all for voice acting, seemingly generic storyline. Pretty hard to pay attention to / care about.
  4. There seems to be some interesting systems, but won't know til much later.
  5. Graphics and performance are shockingly good. I'm quite surprised how well the game is running for the graphics – a common theme / review item I hear.

Bless online fucked every 10 times over or whatever, I dunno. I stopped getting hyped for MMOs years ago.

This game is not objectively bad. It's not objectively awesome, it's pretty fun and seems like something I'll casually play here and there because the whole genre is so terribly stale. It looks like it has a TON of potential with the combat to be varied and interesting with bosses/dungeons/raids/ etc.

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Take it for what you will.

This game isn't doing anything crazy new or cool – but I'd say it's a new/upgraded neverwinter/Tera.

If you have any potential interest in it, I'd say try it out. You have nothing to lose but your time, but if you want to get into an MMORPG, you must have a lot of time anyway.


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