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Blood and Truth is amazing

So, I just finished Blood and Truth for the second time, and in my 5 years of gaming I have never beaten a game twice, even ones I love. There is just something so special about blood and Truth, to start off the gameplay is so satisfying, the gunplay feels great and the gun sounds are some of the best in VR hands down, especially at higher volumes. The way a shotgun blast will linger for around 5 seconds, or the pounding sound of a pistol round hitting the wall, it all just elevates the experience, now the elephant in the room here, is the movement system, which I'm not gonna go into detail here, as you can look it up, but long story short as much as I'd sometimes wish I could explore the levels with full locomotion, the system never felt bad, and sometimes honestly felt better than full locomotion, for the genre at least. The music, and overall sound design is some of the best I've heard in any game I've played, and the graphics are the perfect blend of realistic, and having a unique art style, something many VR games struggle with (Pavlov, B&S etc…). And to be honest I was not expecting much from the story, but I have to say I absolutely loved it, it's plot isn't going to win any Oscars, but there are some really good story bits, and I found a lot of the more unique aspects of the story, incredibly interesting, the characters were also great, and the voice acting and mo cap was flawless, plus the general immersivniss of the story moments are unparalleled. And that ending was so god damn well done. Now, as much as I love the game, I do have a couple gripes, for one, while the tracking was great throughout and I don't generally have a problem with floating hands in VR games, I wasn't big on the fact that you don't even have wrists, it made the hands feel very disconnected from my body. My second minor issue is while I very much enjoyed the extra post game challenges, I would've liked to see something with actual enemies, after you beat the game, however you can replay any mission from the campaign so it's not a big deal. My last complaint is how the game will occasionally put your character into a crouched position, making standing sometimes less immersive. Anyway, I know this post was long, but I just wanted to share my love for this game, and recommend it to anyone who had a PSVR, and to give anyone who's considering getting one an even better case. Thanks for reading 😊

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