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Bloodborne is a terrible game. Just play dark souls.

Content of the article: "Bloodborne is a terrible game. Just play dark souls."

I’m nearly finished with the game and probably just got into the endgame (I’m at Nightmare of Mensis) and Christ, it’s god awful. This area is really making want to quit.

Now I originally played dark souls 3 as my first souls borne and loved it. So much in fact that I went back and played through it a second time (not NG+). It’s one of my all time favorite games. But this, this dumpster fire of a game, I can’t stand. Just. Buy. Dark Souls.

Let’s get into my biggest grievances, somewhat in order from least important to most important:

  1. Combat. Combat in this game is 10x worse than dark souls. The dodge is pretty nice and different, but everything else is just worse in every aspect. For starters, there’s very little weapon and armor variety. On top of that, they all play very similarly just offering different utilities such as being serrated (for killing beasts). It gets really boring really quickly not seeing any variety. Next, It’s not “faster paced” at all. It’s just as fast paced as dark souls 3 was if not slower. That’s because even though enemy attack animations and your movements are faster, it’s still a bunch of waiting for an attack and dodging. There’s very little stagger potential on most weapons so there’s no real way to play besides dodge and strike, dodge and strike, dodge and strike and the enemies still take forever between attacks. I expected it to be constant bobbing and weaving between enemies as you get attacks off here and there, but really it’s just a lot of waiting. Also, there’s WAYYYY too many projectile enemies considering we don’t get a shield and they do wayyyy too much damage. You can’t really dodge them because guns fire instantly and travel faster, so when you’re attacking an enemy and you here “chCh, bwoo” there’s usually no room to dodge the bullet. This means I’m dragging enemies away from others into safer locations constantly. And that’s not, by any means, “fast paced”.

  2. Blood vials vs Estus. I should never have to farm between each attempt at a boss fight. Never. Not ever. But that’s a reality in Bloodborne. You can carry a maximum of 20 blood vials and you can buy them for a ridiculous amount of souls since it scales with your level, or you can find them off of enemies that have a chance to drop something and another chance that they’ll drop blood vials out of a variety of different things. And it’s annoying. They don’t replenish upon death, and they’re not common at all (despite what some people say) in a great many zones. For example, in the forbidden woods they were all over the place; I never ran out. But in the cathedral ward and old Yharnam for example, I couldn’t find them anywhere. None of the enemies dropped them unless by extremely random chance (i.e. they have a very small chance to drop an item which has a small chance to be a blood vial whereas some other areas have enemies that drop them fairy consistently). And if you run out during a boss fight you have to go out and kill enemies to get them back. You have to farm. And there’s absolutely no way around that. This is infuriatingly bad game design.

  3. Other consumables and unavoidable or generally bs damage. From an entire area where walking around gives you frenzy (which you need sedatives, a relatively uncommon consumable, to cure) and constant damage over time to a swamp that gives you unavoidable poison that will, without a doubt, kill you if not cleansed by yet another consumable (unlike ds3 where the swamp’s poison just tickles you), Bloodborne has a lot to piss you off with. One enemy spawns snakes upon death who’s hit boxes are too small to hit even when you target them. You need the perfect angle to hit them (the front) which is where they attack with very little choreographing. You will be forced to fight enemies on ledges without a shield. One enemy will abduct you upon death and take you to a prison. You have to fight your way out and you will lose your blood echoes if you die to enemies above your level. And there is no indication as to where the lantern is to leave the place so have fun missing it and then wandering around aimlessly for an hour, death after death, fighting over leveled enemies until you find it! And I’ve already been over projectile enemies, who can shoot you while you’re attacking something else before your attack animation is even over. Also, on the topic of consumables, there’s a boss which will poison you and you have to use antidotes to stop it! Have fun farming if you run out.

  4. Bosses. Bosses are garbage compared to dark souls 3. Major spoilers ahead for both games. I’ve beaten every single boss first or second try save the blood starved beast because I refused to farm blood vials and antidotes. That’s because the bosses are A: easy, or B: have the same exact strategy. So far, the cleric beast, BSB, Vicar Amelia, Paarl, and the Amygdala play the exact same way. Get underneath or behind the thing and start swinging (although with Amygdala I guess you have to swing at a specific spot at least). And it only takes one dodge to do that until they finally face up. Contrast this to dark souls 3 where this works on the second boss in the game and ONLY the second boss in the game. All those bosses are literally just Vordts (and I know the game came out after Bloodborne but still). There’s a different way to beat every ds3 boss, but only one strategy for most Bloodborne bosses. If we take a look at the other BB bosses I’ve fought, they’re bad for other reasons. Witch was easy and uneventful: it was just killing the same enemy (who I’ve already fought before) over and over again and hitting a booger here and there. Rom was just annoying and required patience. His attacks could be avoided by just running in a straight line and then it was a matter of waiting for some spiders to clear out here and there. The one reborn was just a matter of wailing on it and regening through most of his attacks. However, I really liked shadow of Yharnam since the projectiles were a little slower (making them actually avoidable while doing damage) and it really brought that bob and weave, attack here and there combat style that I thought I’d get in Bloodborne.

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Honorable mention: chalice dungeons. I forgot to include them because I don’t do them but they’re optional so I’m not going to hold it against the game. They’re bland and boring. ‘Nuff said.

All of these things combined just make the game more annoying than fun and I feel like I’m just playing it to finish it at this point. To sum it all up, I’d say there’s too much bs in the game that just hits me in the face whenever I’m having fun. It’s not really a “dumpster fire of a game”, but compared to its sister series it’s just bad. I really can’t recommend it to anyone unless they’re begging for more souls after playing the other games.


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