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BoTW Master Mode – How not to do difficulty.

Content of the article: "BoTW Master Mode – How not to do difficulty."

So one of my quarantine games has been a restart of BoTW on Master Mode. While I'm definitely enjoying it, I think in hindsight I would have preferred to have done a restart in the vanilla game.

Master Mode attempts to make the game more difficult, and the most obvious way it does this is by making all of the enemies level up to the next tier, as well as giving every enemy regenerating health when they don't take damage for a period. The main result of this is that each enemy has much higher HP, while not necessarily doing more damage.

As a result of this, the weapon durability economy is completely thrown off. You can easily go through 5 weapons to end up with a reward of a single good weapon. I never had a problem with weapon durability in the base game, because I found that if you used weapons in combat, you'd usually come out of it with a similar number of weapons, so the game felt fair, and I was never worried to use my weapons, since I knew they were all replaceable.

In Master Mode however, I find myself skipping combat entirely and hoarding my weapons since they've become much more valuable.

This is my main gripe with this version of the game. It makes the overall combat quite tedious. Every enemy now has a massive health bar, which you burn through weapons to whittle away at.

While there are times you can use environmental effects such as big rocks or explosive barrels to beat enemies, the times that these are effective are infrequent. The other option is stealth, but the game has a very narrow failure spectrum for stealth, meaning that if you mess it up, you just have to run away or face the tedious combat.

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It occurred to me when I realised that I was getting through the game much faster than in my original playthrough, and it occurred to me that its because I was skipping every combat encounter, because the combat system was encouraging me to just play less of the game.

Anyone else find this with Master Mode? Or games where higher difficulty just gives enemies more health in general? I'm also curious to hear from people where they enjoyed this challenge. It really isn't for me, but I'd like to hear what other people get out of it.

TL;DR – Moar health means moar hard but not necessarily moar fun.


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