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Bought all my friends an MMORPG for Christmas that they would have otherwise ignored, and they are loving it! [Project: Gorgon]

Voted as the best Indie MMORPG in 2021 by the community at Massively OP, I decided that I would buy a copy of Project: Gorgon for all my online friends that helped to keep me sane during lockdown, and it's been a huge hit! As a result of Project: Gorgon's resounding success within my jaded MMORPG community, I figured that I would share it with all of you, with the hopes that it might help someone here to find a new MMORPG to get lost in. Better still, there is an extremely generous free trial of the game available on Steam for anyone curious and after that it's buy once and play forever.

For a little bit of background:
I've been playing Project: Gorgon on and off again for several years(since 2016) during it's development, but with it's release slated for later this year and mounts coming this month, I decided to dive into it again after the disappointment that was New World. With over 1100 hours into Project: Gorgon, I wouldn't be surprised if I've only experienced 40% of the content so it has a lot of content, but not many people seem to know about it, even though it's one of the highest rated MMORPGs on Steam. In the first 4 weeks since I've returned, I've managed to put in more hours than the months spent playing New World and my lack of sleep has only helped to rekindle my love for the MMORPG genre. It's been far too long since I've jumped into an MMORPG where I can get lost in an grand adventure with friends, so hopefully you'll find your experience just as enjoyable.

Anyway, shortly after gifting them all copies of the game, quite a few members of our guild were like, "WTH is this?!" and even more of them where hesitant to even give it a try(it looks old), but one by one they have all been falling in love with it and it's now started a chain reaction where they are spreading the word to other members of the guild, and buying copies for their friends, and we've all been having an absolute blast together. One of them has become so smitten by it that he has even started to make YouTube videos and plans to start Q&A podcasts with veterans of the Project: Gorgon community.

Project: Gorgon is not perfect by any means, it's is the product of a 2-man dev team with zero art skills, but the foundation, the gameplay, and the incredible amount of depth are very reminiscent of Runescape and Ultima Online(sans PVP) with a lot of inspiration taken from other great titles such as Asheron's Call, EverQuest, and Vanguard. What helps to make the game so much fun is that it breaks a lot of overused D&D/RPG tropes and provides a lot of unique and refreshing combat mechanics that doesn't play like all the clones we've been force-fed by tremendous marketing efforts throughout the years. Project: Gorgon even allows players to play as animal classes (yes it's quirky, but they are all viable). The sheer number of skills in the game, all of which need to be discovered throughout the world, make for a journey that is always evolving and it's extremely addicting.

TL;DR: Bought everyone a copy of the game. They got addicted and started buying copies for their friends and it's started a chain reaction among people who have never even heard of the game. I just wanted to share our love for the game and offer a my recommendation with the greater MMORPG community.


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