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Breath of the Wild is a perfect beautifully done game if you view it as nothing but a simulator. If you choose not to see it as a simulator, it’s flawed, lacks luster and overall, kind of underwhelming….

Content of the article: "Breath of the Wild is a perfect beautifully done game if you view it as nothing but a simulator. If you choose not to see it as a simulator, it’s flawed, lacks luster and overall, kind of underwhelming…."

I apologize if this doesn't belong here. Quick warning. This is a long post, you can turn back now if you want.

I've been badly wanting to discuss the game since recent completion but, I genuinely have no clue actually where to talk about it. I at least hope I can ignite some discussion. It's been a while since I've played a console game.

I've been a Legend of Zelda fan for a long time. I've basically played every game, anything Zelda related, I would buy. (I mean, how could you not? They're fantastic.) Breath of the Wild though was basically the only game that kept me out of that need to buy tradition. Mainly because at the time I grew away from Nintendo consoles, and overall got too busy to game. Lastly, the game concept did seem far off from the past games series which sort of put me off.

I ended up giving in though, bought a Switch recently, and Breath of the Wild. Instantly from the second I started playing I was captivated. Thanks to the largely unexplored open world. Not to mention the commending psychics that will have the player hooked and blown away and the best part. Freedom. Seriously, you can climb absolutely anything.

The problem is, after a few days in the game ended up becoming, hollow? You have this beautiful enormous map, but with very little to do and or actual need to explore. Many specific areas remained unexplored for the longest time unless I had a very specific reason to do so. This could be fantastic for players who like looking at everything especially for hidden gems like a heart-shaped Lake. Nothing wrong with gems, what sucks is, that's all the game offers.

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Then you have repetition as another issue. This is where the game falls victim to it's self. You either can do shrines, again, and again, which is basically the same concept for a strong majority, or, you can kill the same ten monsters, over and over. Which does become a bit of an annoyance because the constant weapon breakage. I'm sure people enjoy that mechanic though, so I'll give it a pass.

What I am still baffled by is the story. For starters, you are introduced to so many useless characters which go no where because of lack of development. Only Zelda has a story, even Link for the first time feels wasted, and just doesn't grow. When you think about the story too, it gets worse. Zelda fighting Ganon for 100-years, and then is practically fine?

Anyway, it's just unfortunate that majority of the story is sacrificed to purely have an open world game. It's understandable because I guess that's the only way to do it, but without the strong story, the game in the end feels like a simulator. Which is not a bad thing, but more so a game to sink in time, and run around with no actual need to explore unless you like hunting for Korok Seeds, and or, things like heart shaped Lakes.

I've seen other people use RD2 as an example to showcase what Breathe of the Wild lacks. I can understand why. RD may not have the pure freedom Breathe of the Wild offers which is due to the story being the focal point, but what RD does right is still gives that player the open world accessibility additionally even though the focus is the story. (Yes, I understand missions aren't open.) BOTW does not do this. It's only freedom. That's it. Story is just a small bonus, but pointless.

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What RD2 does right as well is make the world very interactive in other ways and makes use of everything. While Breath of the Wild let's you climb just hills, and, well, that's about it. Skin, hunt, fish, make specific outfits outside from the world. When you go inside houses, you find items. Every NPC interaction is unique. Discover hidden gems where the character will even write about in his diary, etc. Then there's random encounters, strong side quests, like Arthur's encounter with a lion. That's the reward but Breath of the Wild does not have this, it's just plain empty besides geographical hunting, and finding stuff that's for show not interaction.


  • There isn't really anything to do in Breath of the Wild. Unless you like finding non-interactive details like heart-shaped Lakes or don't mind repetitiveness like, Korok Seeds and Shrines.

  • Lack of interaction. Outside of food gathering, and climbing there isn't much to do actually interact with? You can't even fish, or sail properly.

  • Exploration Limitation (if not on foot): Your horse gets stuck everywhere. Controls are not smooth. They cannot jump. They cannot step in water. Having a mount becomes an annoyance at times.

  • Weak side quests.

  • Repetitive and Pointless NPC's. Most are just vendors.

  • Lack of Earning. The best Link sets are locked by paid-for content. Same with Epona. This could've been a fun in-game side event and add life to the world but it's locked by obtainable paid-for content.

  • Repetitive.

  • Monsters lack variety. Giant world? Only 10 different kinds of monsters?

  • Weapon Durability. Hit or a miss, I think that's just a personal thing.

  • Game badly needs dungeons, instead of the repetitive divine beast concept that was just plain bad.

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Q: Did you like the game? If you did, what did you love?

Q: For those who didn't like the game, what disappointed you, and what were cons? What did the game lack?

Q: What do you hope for in the upcoming sequel?


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