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Bugs – Lunden

Content of the article: "Bugs – Lunden"

The title is basically TL;DR.

I think i´m being punished for trying to do everything before i did the main quest that leads into Lunden. Very confusing that you have to do a main quest in an open world game like this imo. Why "lock" it behind some main quest that doesn´t have to do anything with the mysteries? 🙁

  1. The quest where i have to get some woman´s necklace (that i got by fishing it, even though there is no hint that you have to do it but search it in a cow stomach (?!) ), and give it to her. She is gone,.. at night there is a dude that is standing instead of her but no interaction possible.
  2. The 3 bards you have to get together again. Helped all of them and now they are standing tight where the quest begins and all people are crying for some reason i couldn´t figure out, and nothing happens.
  3. The guy i have to help out of the building by getting the jars away and slide the shelfs so that he can walk out. The Jars are bugging out the shelfs so i can´t move them anymore. I tried to get into the building before the man/quest was up and this is the result.
  4. -and 5. The quest where i have to break into some dudes house and steal a statue and something else to finish 2 quests. One is leading me to him from my settlement museum guy that wants the statue and the other one is some mysterie from Lunden. I can get the kids up to distract him but i can´t get the key for the door to get in.
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Also,.. i really don´t like how those mysteries are not appearing in my quest log to remind me of what exactly the person said or what the last hint was. Why?

If a quest is bugged out it would just be the easiest way to give players the opportunity to go right to there quest log, and reset the quest. Maybe there was some interference with another main quest? Just reset and try again.

Now, we have to wait for fixes who know for how long :/

I´m a completionist when it comes to AC games, i love them! Very frustrating that bugs, that maybe are solvable by just resetting the quest , keep players from progressing/completing the given content.

BTW: No hate, just critics but of course there is frustration involved ^.^

Have a good day/night wherever you are 🙂


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