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Bulletstorm turns 10 Years Old today. Here is why it’s worth playing

Being someone who was hyped for this game when it was coming out and recently replayed it, Bulletstorm has become a game I would love to see a sequel to one day.

When Bulletstorm came out back in early 2011, I was in middle school and the perfect age for this game to win me over with its excessive profanity and dgaf attitude. Ended up renting it and thinking it was eye-rolling and kind of pandering. I also thought it was too short and shallow. Kind of wrote it off as overhyped.

10 years later and my, have tastes changed. The fact that this game is only about 6-8 hours is a god send to me in my busy life, and I find the humor a lovable kind of dumb.

The whole point of the game is creating as much carnage as possible and pulling off a bunch of skill shots and stunts with your weapons. Things like shooting an enemy in the nuts or kicking them into a cactus will net you points to buy upgrades and ammo. The fluidity of the combat is superb. You get this powerful kick, an electric gravity whip that can pull enemies toward you and an array of different weapons to cause mass chaos. Before any of this can get stale, the game is already pretty much over.

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The story of the game is decent enough. It stands out by being decently funny and the voice talent is all well done even though the writing isnt the best. It's a nice game to turn your brain off to, as cliche as that sounds.

I played it recently on the Switch, once in handheld and once in docked mode and it was amazing both times. The game still looks beautiful and being able to play it on a portable is very surreal. It's often on sale on Switch, PS4, etc, I would definitely pick it up if you are looking for a nice, linear stylistic shooter with some fun carnage that doesnt overstay its welcome.

If you loved a game like Titanfall 2, it's a lot like that in terms of its "gem" status, as well as in the way both are shooters with decent stories and very fun and fluid traversal and shooting mechanics.


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