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Buying 1 Game for a Random Person; also bonus giveaway included.

Content of the article: "Buying 1 Game for a Random Person; also bonus giveaway included."

Hello everyone,

(Sorry for deleting and reposting, I realized its possible people can guess the same number)

Due to my own stupidity I missed out on Secret Santa this year.

So I'd love to do something random for one of you.

I'll buy any game, at a 60 dollar limit. (Idk if there's any games out there that cost above that so I'm setting a limit just incase.)

All you have to do is comment the game you want and a random number between 1 – 999

I'll use a random comment picker to find a random person and tomorrow I will ask my girlfriend who will have no idea this post exist to give me a random number. For a little bit of fun, if you guess the exact number I'll buy a second smaller game for you with a limit of 20 dollars.

Why? Idk… Sounds like something fun to do.

Also, if the game you want is for console or something like that I am willing to buy the game for you some other way. I think some places do console keys… Regardless we'll figure something out.

Happy holidays everyone!

24 hours starting now.

Edit: Someone is asking if I can buy games for someone in another country, I don't know what the rules around that are. But I can certainly try. If for someone reason you win and we find difficulty buying the game for you. Ill work with figuring out how to make it happen, even if the final resort is PayPaling you the funds.

Also, anyone who wins and straight up ask my to just PayPal them the money I will not. I think this should strictly be an act of kindness to bring someone a game that they want so bad but cannot buy.

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Edit 2: I wasn't aware you need a certain amount of comment karma to post here — so if anyone cannot post just chat me and I'll comment for you!

Edit 3: It appears my last edit included the "k" word and inadvertently get this post automatically removed. I am so sorry to everyone who didn't get a chance to see or post on this. I will still be doing my giveaway as planned though!

Edit 4: The winner is… u/weirdlyviral ( And the winning number was 950 so he did not win the bonus prize!

Edit 5: Thank you to everyone who participated. I really wish I could buy all of you the game you want; and that hurts a part of me since I cannot — if I ever make it big in this world please be on the lookout for my post because I promise I'll do the biggest giveaway anyone has ever seen. Until then have a wonderful year everyone.


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