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Can anyone explain to me how Metal Gear Solid V works?

Content of the article: "Can anyone explain to me how Metal Gear Solid V works?"

I initially bought the game because a lot of reviews said it had an open-world and a base building element. As a fan of FO4's settlements allowing me almost endless gaming, I thought it would kind of be the same. I quickly realized it was not, but it didn't matter because instead of killing several hours building settlements, I became immersed in trying to get the highest grade I could while gathering materials and accomplishing missions.

However, what kind of pulls me back is my confusion about a lot of aspects. Maybe around a few hours after starting the game, I realized I needed a little research. I read up on the previous games and I think I get the gist of the story. But I'm still confused about other parts of the game. Like I still don't know what I'm supposed to do in the base. I can't find a door allowing me inside of the base's structure so can I really only explore the outside areas? Why do I even go there aside from bathing? What training am I doing there? Can I shoot the targets or am I only allowed to punch them? Can I really only interact with the members by attacking them?

Aside from the base, I'm also confused why I keep having to do the same side missions in the same areas. Is it because I didn't do the missions satisfactorily or do the missions really repeat themselves? Also, how do I keep my vehicles if, say, I get out and sneak to some far area? I know I can call for the horse, but is there some function where I can have the vehicle shipped to me anywhere?

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Lastly, there's this woman the soldiers keep talking about when I'm eavesdropping. I think I know who this woman is based on what I've previously read, but am I ever gonna encounter her? I remember seeing reviews and videos talking about how badass she was so I assumed she'd play a big role in the game.

I've only played like 5% of the game so I'm wondering if this game is actually really long. And if it is long, why does the map seem really small? Do I really do all the missions in that small area?

I don't really fault the game for this as MGSV is the first MGS game I've played. And it doesn't help that I started playing only a few days in 2018 before taking a 2 year break from gaming in general. So this is in no way criticizing the game; I'm just a really dumb gamer.


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