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Can positivity be contagious in online gaming just as negativity?

All of my years in gaming, whenever I had thoughts "I should form a team and team-up!" All my counter points just arise, I find it really difficult to find competitive players with good morals. Most of them seem negative, burned out, or neutral. Positive ones are really minority. When it comes to finding morally good players, it is difficult.

I used to play Uncharted 4 Ranked online, and on rare occasions, I found good players that aren't so negative and teamed up with them. When playing with them, we communicate verbally, and give it our best. We win? We cheer and say "Yeah!!" We lost? Sure, *sigh* and oh man, some reactions to losing and move on! Then on some days I go solo-queue, most of the time we lose because other players turn out to be a party of 5, we get stomped and I hear their microphone post match: "Get rekt trash, you guys suck, etc" ok but is this really necessary, projecting your dominance by being a garbage mouthed? Why not a simple GG and well played, I bet that would make everyone's day or hurt them less.

So I hold it when someone throws these insults out, I am very sensitive person and I do not retaliate to them and keep it as civil as possible, say good or say nothing. But man, At some point it all adds up inside of me, and it gets me really, to the point of judging someone on what they say when they win
or lose, if they call me trash or use slurs, I automatically label them as "bad" or "not interested in teaming up with", it is just inevitable for me because of all these typical negative messages my brain piles up, it becomes tiresome and it influences me. If I know a game to be more associated with negative community, I do my best to avoid it. That is why I never played CS:GO, League of Legends, and Rainbow six siege. I have heard horror stories about these games, and so I avoid 'em.

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Did the negativity have an influence on me? Absolutely, I limited to only one PvP game and played it casually. I sticked to more co-op games and man I'd tell you, Monster Hunter's community is one of the most positive community I have seen in my gaming timeline. And that is no surprise because it is probably a co-op game, I now look for more co-op games than PvP, some sort of "retired" gamer, less PvP, more co-op or singleplayer. I miss PvP, but I fear the psychological wounds and what others say, and this is because I am sensitive.

I would love to team-up with players but their attitude holds me back, because I also want to get to know them, become friends, and play. Because we will spend a long time, but the thoughts and pain in my head hold me, in fear that they'll turn out to be bad, or arrogant. I think gaming negativity caused me to have high trust issues, it is so difficult to put your trust in someone in real life, or online. I look online often at steam community thread posts, and when someone posts a question, I see a lot of typical negative bitter comments, 'git gud', "No, the is just good, don't like it?", those give my head a bad image about steam community and trust less for how immature.

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Is there a solution? Can positivity be spread just as negativity in PvP games? Few solutions I have about this is offering warnings then punish, if this is too harsh. Then, enhanced profanity filter, surely these days we can have AI that detects verbal slurs in consoles or laptops and instead verbally turn them to bleeps or mute them just like when an uploader tries to make a clean song version, chat-wise, turn them to bleeping. Rather than knowing. In Rocket League, I would be fine when I see someone quickchat !@$# rather than seeing the actual word. These may not be the best problems, but what do you think?

Thank you!


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