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Can we stop trusting Blizzard’s numbers about Shadowlands yet? This is just sad.

Content of the article: "Can we stop trusting Blizzard’s numbers about Shadowlands yet? This is just sad."

Not sure how aware you guys are but in the music industry the name of the game is to conflate your streams on sites like Spotify or Apple Music with bundles and packages so it counts toward total “album sales” without an actual album being purchased or streamed, so this allows further blurring of the lines behind what’s real or fake.

Same thing happening with Trump calling out fake news or all the “bots” you see posting very vile political messages in hope that it’ll turn actual real voters to think a certain way.

The market behind “impressions” is heavily manipulated by bots and fake clicks and likes and that same market is what MMOs use to show sales figures.

It used to be that Blizzard was proud of publicly announcing their subscriber count but they pulled it because their Activision merger absolutely gutted the company of its original intent and since then we’ve been seeing most games on the platform go downhill in favor of cash shop-type, more loot box-type games.

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Blizzard has claimed recently that Shadowlands has received the highest amount of “impressions and subscribers” since any other expansion which is absolutely horse shit.

At the peak WoW was at 15 million subscribers back in WoTLK before Cataclysm ironically halved that subscriber count. Every expansion since has continued towards this trend of decline, to the point where the market isn’t even MMO centered anymore so to say that in 2020, fucking Shadowlands of all expansions is bringing back those 15 million subscribers or more is absolutely absurd.

These numbers are just as much conflated as every other industry that practices manipulation of impressions or clicks/likes/streams but now it’s subscribers.

You don’t have to believe me off this post alone but do your research on this topic, even on reddit there’s heavy voter manipulation and content that’s pushed by bots to create narratives. This is the world we live in now, and we have to be aware of the methods companies and governments use to trick the average consumer into thinking something is bigger than it actually is.

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