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Can you name the company with the most crossovers and collaborations with other companies/studios/publishers?

For a lot of reason; licensing, rights, legal, etc. many companies dont collabs or crossovers, although it is nice to see when you do see something referential in one game that belongs to another for any particular reason. And this has become more common in indie studios who will give a friendly nod to other indie devs by including one of their most iconic characters (the other studio) in some form in one of their own games. But I think by far, or at least I feel like, Capcom is the juggernaut of video game collabs/crossovers. Not only does it happen frequently in their own games, but they bring them to a LOT of other games outside of them as well. One could say Nintendo is up there, but most of those collabs/crossover happen within themselves (their own host of 1st party games) and whenever they do make it out of their own first party titles, they are only in games that are being brought over to Nintendo platforms as an incentive to get that version of the game if say you want your character to have a Link style suit of armor.

Capcom however doesnt have its own console, so it has no reason to incentive or lure people over. They just throw their characters everywhere. Recently RE and SF have been making appearances in numerous outside mobile games as events and even now they are having their own RE Chapter in Dead by Daylight. Also, theyve had a history of crossover games spawning WAY back into the early 2000s with a bunch of fighting game franchise crossovers.

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You could also argue Square Enix is up there when it comes to this, solely because of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but Im not talking about how many it can squeeze into one game, but how many it has done overall. And for that matter, going back on the subject of indies, what indie game has done the most?? I follow a lot of indie devs/studios on Twitter and they often make reference or actually include content of others in their own game, and it actually seemed like there was a boom period where any and every indie dev was talking amongst themselves and adding fellow indies game characters to some capacity to theirs.

TL;DR: What video game company do you think does the most outside crossovers/collabs with other video game publishers/devs/companies/studios? Bonus: What indie has the most?


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