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Card game inspired by MMOs

Hello everyone, I'm a loong time player of online RPGs from Tibia to Ragnarok, GW1 and 2 and Diablo 2 (weirdly enough I played Wow for only 1 month lol). About two years ago I decided to make a card game based on mechanics of many online RPGs, and most specifically Guild Wars.

I know, I know, it isn't an mmo but I thought some people might like to hear about it. This project was born from the love of online RPGs and card games, and how to bring mechanics from these games together.

Bringing the experience of building your character with the skills you chose to use in battle was the first clear goal I wanted to achieve, and that's why the game relies solely on skills and no creatures. However these skills have to come from somewhere, that's how the Schools of Knowledge came into play, organizing each group of skills based on their theme and combat style.

Strategy and interaction are the core of Ambal Tournament. Rather than relying on luck or having to wait for your opponent’s turn to finish, the objective was to give the sense of real time battle where players can take advantage of situations and outsmart the opponent. The interaction comes from the simultaneous round system, in which players use skills at the same time, and the strategy comes from how players use their skills and how well they can create synergy.

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Just like in RPG you might be able to block a spell or evade an attack if timed correctly, or take advantage of your opponent’s weak spots.

The magic in RPGs for me was always how interesting the skills were, and how they shaped your character. It’s fun to play as a summoner of course, but what about the characters that go face to face with the enemy? They rely on their skills and combos to survive and defeat before being defeated.

That’s exactly how it goes in Ambal Tournament, damage is done straight to your face, skills offer diverse combo options and are truly the heart of the game.

There are 4 amazing artists doing illustrations for the game, so that's very exciting as well.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to post a link to the KS, but wanted to know if the MMO community is interested in this type of game!


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