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Cast in a Hyrule Warriors sequel to Twilight Princess.

Link, Midna, Zelda, Ocarina of Time's Link, Ganondorf, AND most characters need the 'Merican accent in the English audio. It could be dubbed by Cup o' Tea Productions. The game's gotta be T fer Teen fer Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, AND Language (w/ most o' the language from Link). Link's gotta beat Ganondorf w/ a stab in his chest usin' the Master Sword again to end the final boss fight, win the war, stop Ganondorf's plans, AND save Hyrule (even save Midna, Zelda, Rusl, Colin, Talo, Malo, Beth, AND ev'rybody else) again. Link's gotta have the Master Sword as his main weapon in his left hand again, but use it in conjunction w/ the royal fam's Hylian Shield from Skyward Sword on his right arm this time.

Link – Johnny Yong Bosch (always talkin' like a casual punk w/ i-n sounds goin' w/ the silent apostrophe, not the proper i-n-g suffixes), like "How's it goin'?", "I sure as Hell ain't gunna give up, Ganondorf!", "This ain't no damn time fer panickin'!", "Ganondorf don't really give a damn about human lives, an' that's why the hell we gotta protect them human lives from his hands!", "The hell's goin' on, Zelda?!", "How ya doin' this time, Midna?", "Ocarina of Time's Link's as an ol' man, he's my teach, my ol' man, AND my real dad who's 93 years older than me. I'm totes ol' man Link's own son by blood.", "You fer reals?!", "I may be 17, but that don't mean I can't help the world by stoppin' this scourge!", "How's ev'rythin'?", "Nah, I'm cool.", "Hell yeah!", "I'mma win this!", "The hell's this?!", "Somethin' gotta give.", "That heat. 'Slike I'm totes gunna git burned by it.", "Dealin' with all y'all, 'slike a two-edged sword with that power.", "We're goin' there!", "This damn thing ain't workin' on me now.", "Who're YOU callin' a wolf cub?!", "So freakin' awesome!", "How's it hangin'?", "Solid beats, yo.", "Totes.", AND "Yo, wassup?") & Sakurai Takahiro (always talkin' like a punkish Yankii in Japanese, like "Maji ka yo?!", "Namen ja ne ze!", "Ore ga hitori ja ne yo.", "Kore ga kankei yo!", "Nanda kore ya?!", "Yabee!", "Kuse!", "Nanda sore ya?!", "Ome no make da yo!", "Ore ga daijobu daze!", "Tanoshikatta ze.", "Jodan a ne yo!", "Omera suge daze!", AND "Yaru ja ne ka.")

Midna – Erica Lindbeck & Kobayashi Yuu

Zelda – Kate Higgins & Koshimizu Ami

Ocarina of Time's Link (as an ol' man's spirit) – Steve Blum & Yao Kazuki

Ganondorf – Jamieson Price & Nakata Jouji

Rusl – Richard Epcar & Sugita Tomokazu

Ilia – Lauren Landa & Nakamura Chie

Colin – Abby Trott & Kugimiya Rie

Renado – Ray Chase & Horiuchi Ken'yu

Barnes – Christopher Corey Smith & Koyasu Takehito

Shad – E. Jason Liebrecht

Ashei – Jeannie Tirado & Kuwashima Houko

Auru – Bill Rogers (Scottish accent could fit Auru)

Uli – Karen Strassman & Ohara Sayaka


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