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Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, why do I love this game!?

Content of the article: "Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, why do I love this game!?"

So years ago with the release of Hollow Knight and while exploring games on my Switch, my new game addiction became Metroidvanias. I loved the sense of progression, the visual spectacle of the map I was building, and the lack of handholding in these games. Naturally I stumbled upon Bloodstained having heard it would be a game to take me back to the Castlevania roots of the genre (which I have never played). It makes me sad to say, I found the game absolutely atrocious. I don't know what it was about that game. At its core I should have loved the game, it had of the elements of a great Metroidvania adventure, but something about it didn't jive with me. Naturally I assumed I would enjoy the Castlevania games either.

Then I hacked my 3ds and had the whole GBA catalogue at my fingertips! I completed moth GBA Metroids before moving onto the first Golden Sun. Wondering what to play next and not yet having the endurance for another Golden Sun, I went ahead and gave Harmony of Dissonance a try.

In short, I couldn't put the game down! I find it apalling that I grew up through the GBA erra with only Pokemon and Zelda games in my collection. I loved my time with this game. Learning to manipulate the whip and its slow attack to pierce enemies at just the right moment, paired with some extremely slick platforming and dodging, and a map that I am just finding so much more interesting than Bloodstained, I'm happy to say I love this game.

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How is it possible GBA titles like this hold up so well today? As I understood, Bloodstained was suppose to be the pinnacle of this series, and yet, I found this title sooooo much more enjoyable. Maybe I could detect the Castlevania clone Bloodstained was trying to be without even being aware how much of a copycat that game was? Regardless, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations for what game should be next in my time with the GBA. My impulsive purchase of a 3ds was honestly the best videogame purchase I may have ever made!


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