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Come with your best Ideas for MMORPG! Let’s Exchange fantasy and wishes!

Content of the article: "Come with your best Ideas for MMORPG! Let’s Exchange fantasy and wishes!"

A'right guys, let me start off with what I'd want to be implemented in my ideal mmorpg and what setting!

First of all the setting should be something like eastern mmorpg with this cultivation/wuxia type of MMORPG like Justice Online, blade and soul, Lost ark etc. Whatever you name it.

I'd Want to be able to unlock flight at some point, through mount or not, thats the question. Perhaps I'd prefer without mount, and that the more you progress or perhaps if you get lucky SUPER RNG drop from a boss and obtain certain skills that'll make you fly faster or other movement techniques, now that'd be sick. It'd be unique only to you, and then there should be varieties for these skills, and others can obtain it as well, through a lot of RNG on your side.

The combat should be fast paced action combat, maybe something like BDO but perhaps slightly slower? Single target spells and AOE spells should be specialized for different circumstances, i.e. pvp or pve and what elements to use and counter monster or player.

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There should be a base skilltree which every class should have, but u should be able to digress from the main path if lucky enough to obtain skillbooks through monster drops, with different tiers.

No Gender lock for classes and at least 5 classes. Like, Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Magician and healer.

These classes should have different paths which they can specialize in, for instance the warrior could go more dps oriented and be squishier, however he shouldn't be able to deal more dmg than rogue, hunter or magicians.

The warrior should be able to choose tank as well, and lose out a lot of dps but be a real and proper tank, which is useful for raids, dungeons etc.

The same thing goes for the other classes, for the rogue he could choose something like dual handed and/or 1 dagger and choose to either fight openly with good aoe dps but be squishier than warrior or choose to go with complete assassination and be good at 1v1.

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etc. etc.

There should be hidden Skill books and gear pieces which u should be able to acquire through random spawn depending on rng.

There should be a Gear fortification system, where you can give plus ( + ) all the way up to +9. The higher the Plus, the lower the chance of succeeding. And no weapon for the higher tiers should have the same stat, if attained through drop, there should be variety.

A'right this is just my own wishful thinking and dreams I could go on, but it'd be too long.

Go ahead and tell me your thoughts and your own dream MMORPG and lets talk about it xD

(writing this post because I'm bored as cake btw.)


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