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Coming Soon. We won’t hit our June 19th release date for Starfighter General, but I want to share you some techs that will be in updates over the next year.

Soon? How Soon? Well the game is in stores now, before the game is finished! In the genre of Spaceballs, Futurama, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars and Star Trek comes a game you probably won't believe from a dude you probably don't believe exists.

Lets talk about techs:

1) Uses UNITY ECS/DOTS technology: This allows for your computer to run on multiple cores instead of one. Long story short 10-1000x as many triangles rendered on screen. 10-1000x as many processing threads. As computers upgrade over the next 7 years, it will scale to 1000-1,000,000.

2) A networking protocol shunned by major developers because it is too difficult to code and update. It allows for unlimited action players in the same zone, 1/2 the latency (aka lag/response times), and almost no server fees. This means the game will never shut down.

3) It is based in the Intergalactic Bounty Hunter Universe: I made a RPG in 1989 based off Wasteland inspired by Dungeons and Dragons which takes the premise of Wasteland, but has the destruction of Earth by nukes happen later, after the Outer Space Treaty is violated because warp drive is cheap. Now there are star bases all over the galaxy easy to raid and many places in space to hide, much like the old west. My friends and I played this every chance we got from 1989-1995. It was the preferred RPG over D&D, TMNT, Vampire, Paranoia, Gurps, etc. It wasn't just cuz they liked me as a bro, this game freaking kicks butt because the game mechanics are so awesome that even non stop cheesy comedy and pulp action seem to not pull you out of the desire to grind.

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Next lest talk about features:

1) The MMO will contain "Space dungeons" which are special zones that all players compete for a big reward. Each Space Dungeon has a different win condition and goals. One might be ffa. Another might be FFA highlander mode. Another might be science based. Another might be team vs team. Another might be chess team (aka you kill the king) you win. Another might be who kills a boss fastest. Long story short, once a day, these places will drop really good loot predictably either on a timer, or via clue sheet. Then most players will know where to be. And the same guy won't win every 'Space Dungeon' because the rules are dif for each.

2) There will be resource trading, aka, buy aluminum or other metals one place and sell another like Elite. The stations you buy and sell from are in a true simulated economy. They cannot buy more resources than their owner's bankroll has. They take in raw materials which may be useful to the player and output product which may be useful also or be used in raw materials for another station. As the NPC gets rich over time, he may expand his business to other star systems by sole proprietership/franchise/ or corporation that you can buy and sell stock in. Every NPC has 120 personality sliders inspired by CIvilization/Master Of Orion Leader sliders. Trade Stations can be robbed, destroyed, and the players can even make them.

4) There will be a PVP bounty system. Everyone can PVP at all times. Stakes are low if your ship explodes. If you get attacked without declaring aggressive mode or an opponent to duel, the aggressor gets a bounty on their head in accordinace with the damage dealt to you. If this bounty gets high enough, and they get caught, they will be put in jail. When they log on for the next few hours or days, their character can play only in jail, and visitors come see him and such. Escape from jail is rumored to be possible. Global chat disabled.

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5) There will be illegal substances like ficitious drugs and contraban weapons which you can profit from greatly, but you risk your cargo being scanned by a random and getting a bounty on your head.

6) There will later be grand space opera. AKA Live Game Masters will observe the game, and allow players to permanently change the history on their server.

7) Then later, the ability to touch down on ground, and your player get out FPS style will come.

8) I have other plans, but this will be a very fun game to come along for the dev ride. Enjoy updates and get yourself strong now, so when later the Space Opera comes out, you can be one of the big dawg influencers of the universe.

This game is designed for the End Game, such that the player will never get bored even at end game content. I am a strong believer in eternal power gains, but the slope of the curve starts tapering at the top. So a level 1 will be weak to a level 10, but a level 101 won't be much dif than a 110.

By- GoodNewsJim, developer with 150,000 hours gaming, design and coding (6-16 hrs a day for 41 years). Since I trained so hard in gaming, I was #1 in the world at Starcraft Original, Broodwar, Warcraft3, Diablo2 HC, Top 50 world C&C3, Top 50 world Starcraft2 2v2. You can't be #1 in the world at like every video game you ever played unless you practiced as much as me proving my story of 150,000 hours is fact. You can see proof of these achievements for yourself: As life would have it, I just didn't get many chances to get to tournaments. I'm currently trying to get high on the ladder in League of Legends, but only started Season 8. I'm top 16 World Mastery Senna, and I play with #1 World Mastery Mundo. If you want to hang out with the mad genius that I am and hear some Lewis Carrol Insanity Humor, to know this is all for real, come visit me at the Bro Zone Layer:

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Until next time Space Cowboy…


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