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Comix Zone (Steam) & Shadwen (GOG)

  • Comix Zone – 01/26/21 – 2 hours – 0.99 Steam Wallet Credits – Steam via Mednafen

I remember seeing this game in a store window back in the 90's and thinking it looked cool but I never got the name of it. The game was in demo mode and I liked the art but I was there not for long. Out of sight out of mind.

I picked up many of the SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics for free using the Steam Wallet credits I got from selling cards. Some were also free recently. This was first SP game from the collection that I played. It was a lot of fun and very short. I did happen to die a lot at the arena section. I think the art style, game play choices via path selection and power ups were very nice and unique (pet rat). I do like the multiple endings twist and over all this was fun. Using save states and I went and got the other ending. After talking with some friends and family, if I was into consoles I probably would have been into Sega Master System and Sega Genesis the more I learned about it. I'm setting up some online matches for this weekend with some of the games from the SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics. Right now everyone has voted for Eternal Champions and Sonic 3 race mode.

  • Shadwen – Ended – 01/27/21 – 8.1 Hours – Gift – GOG
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This is the first all stealth game that I ended. I tried a few from Hitman 2 to Assassin Creed Oddyeesy recenlty but I could never get into those. This was simple and straight to the point. The GUI is empty up until you crouch. It's just to inform you that you are a little harder to see and hear. The game has you tagged team with a little girl named Lilly. At first I thought I had to keep her alive but instead you have to help guide her to the end and protect her from the seeing the grim reality of what you do which is killing. Lots of killing. There is no health bar at all. If you get caught you're dead. If you get found out, game over but you can rewind time at the drop of a hat which is a great feature. This game is very short with multiple endings and inbuilt achievements. I liked it a lot but towards the end I was happy it was coming to an end. The locale is well detailed but it's all the same which works for the story since you are in a village trying to get to a castle trying to kill the king. One thing that I did love is the crafting systems. You picked up items as you went along but at no point are they a must. They do make your job a bit easier but actually harder at the same time if you're trying to protect Lily (little one) from seeing the harshness of what you do. This game to me is a turn based action game because the world only moves when you do or when you allow it. Giving you a lot of options and time to relax and get the right type of kill for what the situation needs. Great experience but I'm done with stealth games. While this was fun, the stop and go nature of it is not something I want to revisit.

  • Prison Architect – Abandoned – 01/25/21 – 1 hour – Free – GOG
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This was free recently, I tried it but I just can't get into sims like this. I do like that story during the campaign but it's strong bury in my 'not interested' part of my shelf.

Multiplayer: Destiny 2 is officially retired. We got our RUMBLE kicks but everyone is closing out their Stadia accounts with the exception of 4 of my ppl that I play MK11 with on there.

For this weekend we have: Virtua Fighter 2 PC (Netplay), Eternal Champions (Steam Remote Play), BFF or DIE (

Next up:

  • SHING! (GOG) – Local Multiplayer and Campaign
  • Tanglewood ( – Single Player


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