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Connectivity issues possibly caused by the latest update?

Content of the article: "Connectivity issues possibly caused by the latest update?"

I can't exactly recall when I downloaded the latest update for the Playstation four but I have one of the original 500GB PS4's (Non slim & PRO) and have probably had it since 2015 with me being the only owner, it of course over time has developed a few minor problems such as automatically disk ejecting however I have found fixes and usually it's enough to stop it for a couple of weeks.

However as of this Wednesday that's just passed my PS4 has started having problems where it'll lose WI-FI connectivity and when this happens it'll usually knock out (turn off) the connected controller(s) with it or vice versa, I have done the usual rebuild database, turn it off and back on, uplugging and leaving the console unpowered by electricity for over 6 hours and nothing has really worked well except for sort of temporary preventing the PS4 from connecting to the internet by disabling it. When it decides to drop the internet connection I'm unable to to change the internet settings on the PS4 as when I do that the PS4 will just indefinitely hang at the internet settings page after choosing WI-FI. The only way for me to get back online is to hard restart my PS4 but the disconnecting will eventually happen soon-ish I'd say 5-10 minutes of the console being on.

I'm not sure if my console connectivity is fried or if this was caused by a latest firmware that is buggy and Sony is yet to comment about, I have tried to contact Playstation support by phone to try and see what they can do but after wasting 2 hours on the phone trying to get through to a representative and not getting my call picked up at all, I gave up as I had better things to be doing, I may try again another time when I'm in the mood but I've got another PS4 console on the way (PRO of all things) so at the same time I may not do it either.

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I've been reading in other threads about people having problems with their connections as of recently but not sure if they'd be experiencing the same problem I am.


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