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Consistently getting booted off Xbox live, considering getting a vpn router. Is this the right move??

Content of the article: "Consistently getting booted off Xbox live, considering getting a vpn router. Is this the right move??"

Hey guys, hope everyone is well. I’m facing an issue I’m quite ignorant about and was hoping some of you kind folks could help. I play a great deal of competitive Xbox and have consistently been getting booted offline by opponents. Apparently there are websites that provide your IP simply based on your gamertag/Xbox username, and salty individuals use this info to boot me offline. (Quick additional info, I have my Xbox hard wired with an Ethernet cable directly to the router so I have the best possible connection, if that matters)

So after a fair amount of research, it seems my best bet for preventing these ddos situations while losing a minimum amount of internet speed is to dish out $50-$200 for a vpn router; and I was hoping this community could help me with a few questions

1) Will getting a vpn router solve my problem? If not what do you recommend?

2) If getting a vpn router is the right move, do you have any recommendations of which one I should get? Or any specs I should be valuing to maximize speed while keeping my Xbox safe?

3) I have spectrum internet, and according to all my research, I should be able to use my own router. Has anyone had a different experience?

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4) My current set up is a modem with a landline phone plugged into it, router plugged into the modem, Xbox plugged into the router. Would I be ditching both the modem and router(both provided by spectrum) or just replacing the router? If I am replacing both, will having a landline phone plugged into the vpn router be an issue?

Sorry if you guys get these questions a lot, I did try to search for the subreddit and didn’t find anything that answered all my questions. An additional sorry for the long winded post, but these booting issues have been driving me absolutely nuts. Thank you so much in advance and I look forward to learning.


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