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Control. An enjoyable game, if not, a little weird in terms of story.

Content of the article: "Control. An enjoyable game, if not, a little weird in terms of story."

The only think I knew about this game was that it was a 3rd person shooter with telekinetic abilities.

The story really confused me at first. It seems incredibly random with me uttering out loud, "what the hell is happening?". I was under the impression that the game is trying too hard to be one of those artsy fartsy pretentious unique games. After being told that the game is heavily influenced by the SCP foundation (something I just discovered after finishing the game), the premise of the game just suddenly clicked with me. While odd, at times, the story was definitely a unique experience for me. Still left me a tad confused at times, but can't complain, it's interesting.

For me, combat is near incredibly enjoyable, however there are some incredibly minor annoyances for me. During most gun fights, I will always opt to use telekinesis to overcome enemies. It is the most effective way to deal damage, especially when upgraded. Because of this, I felt like I've had no reason to use any other ability other than to 'spice things up'.

This goes with the service weapon as well. Outside of the Grip (pistol) and Spin (sub machine gun) forms, I didn't feel the need to use any other form outside of boss fights. What also bothered me with the different forms of the service weapon was that I was only allowed to equip 2 forms out of 4 at any given time. Yes, it is possible to switch out mid combat, but it disrupts the flow of the game when you have to navigate through the menu to do so. I would've had more of a reason to use the remaining forms if players were given the option to switch out weapons via hotkeys or mousewheel.

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I also enjoyed the non-linear progression (not sure if I'm using the correct term) of the game. It is reminiscent of metroidvania games. Example, I found an area that I can't proceed through because I haven't discovered the telekinetic ability that will let me progress. Guess I have to backtrack until I find it.

The main story of the game feels short, but I still enjoyed the game. I plan on going back in to complete the DLCS and any sidequests.


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