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Control is the first time I’ve truly felt that the PC version isn’t just better, but changes the game in a truly significant way.

Content of the article: "Control is the first time I’ve truly felt that the PC version isn’t just better, but changes the game in a truly significant way."

I played through Control last year on the Xbox One X. It was truly a graphical showcase for the hardware, but the game itself didn't leave a massive impression on me. Standard third person shooter with some interesting force-like powers and a cooky story that I couldn't have cared less about.

Fast forward the the Steam release of Control. I hesitated, but I thought what the hell, the sale price was enticing and I was curious about the RTX lighting system.

Now, before I even get to the graphical bells and whistles of playing this game on PC, I need to start with the gameplay itself. Control, with mouse and keyboard, honestly plays like a different game to me.

I'm a console gamer who jumped over to pc later on, so I can game with either controller or kb/m any time. In some cases, I actually prefer playing with a controller depending on the genre.

I had nothing against the gameplay of Control on console, but it all felt a bit clunky at best with all of the tools at your character's disposal. With the precision of kb/m, everything suddenly clicked for me. Jumping, airdashing, force throwing stuff around the room all felt so effortless and second nature. In essence, that's sort of the point of the game, to make you feel powerful. Playing this game with a controller is almost like a barrier that holds you back from that power. It's fun. Really fun. And, is it just me or have they upped the difficulty for PC, or perhaps for this ultimate edition? I feel like more and stronger enemies are being thrown at me, and have to be more aware of my surroundings than before.

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OK — RTX. RTX was something that seemed like a gimmick to me. The loss of performance for more accurate lighting just seemed not worth it. In fact, when I first turned RTX I didn't really see what was so great. There were reflections in the glass and floor.. Cool, I guess? But as the game went on, particularly by the time you get to the Maintenance area, my opinion changed dramatically. The lighting is almost changing the art style of the game! There were points in here that I felt were genuinely beautiful, in the creepy way they were going for. The tone, the setting, everything has more authenticity with RTX on. I'm saying all this having played with DLSS on and an internal rendering resolution of 540p, so I'm missing out on a lot of sharpness I would get with it off. Even still, it's completely worth it.

The story itself is still a little out there for me, but I have to say I've paid a lot more attention this time through simply because I'm more invested in the game.

All this has me wondering now, what other PC versions of popular games change the experience to this extent? Are there any other games out there that I thought were meh but should give another look on PC?


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