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Control: The Ultimate Power Fantasy

Video games are a medium that gives us an opportunity to feel powerful. Wether it is mowing down hordes of zombies, killing the gods of Olympus, or building up a criminal empire. After experiencing the 2019 critically acclaimed game called Control made by Remedy Games, I believe that Control is the ultimate power fantasy. You feel that sensation once you obtain the service weapon which has its own regenerative reloading abilities. Basically the gun and it’s many variants you unlock contains infinite ammo. When you conquer more trials while progressing through the campaign you awaken Jesse’s powers that include telekinesis, levitation, and dashing. Getting tired of shooting your enemies? Then toss some concrete right at their faces. Wanna try melee attacks? Then levitate as high as you can and come crashing down like a meteor with a ground slam. To many fiends to handle? Then use a shield or mind control your enemies so that they fight for you. The icing on the cake is Immortal Mode. Is Control feeling hard? Getting killed by the same enemies over and over again? Or you just want to relax and play the game? Then you can become Immortal by going to the settings and enabling this mode. The only way you can die is falling off from great heights. Other than that no matter bullets or explosions you take you literally cannot die. It’s just fun to feel like an overpowered superhero.

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But why are you using these powers? Well interdimensional entities known as the Hiss have invaded the Federal Bureau of Control. Think of them as the Men in Black, but for paranormal and super natural incidents. Jesse Faden suddenly finds herself as the new director of the FBC and its up to her to reclaim their headquarters a.k.a The Oldest House. Which is pretty conflicting for her because the reason she is in the The Oldest House is to figure out why the Bureau kidnapped her brother after an… incident in their past. As you explore the building it should be unsurprising that you encounter a lot of strange occurrences that often result in side missions. For instance you will have to collect mole samples to stop it from spreading further. Maintaining eye contact on a refrigerator 24/7. Capture a teleporting Rubber Duck. If all of that sounded ridiculous that’s because it is, but it’s treated super seriously with the help of its ominous atmosphere. I think it’s unconventional approach to balance its weirdness and darker moments that strangely makes it work. Even reading the documents makes everything seem normal. They are entertaining and I highly encourage you to seek them out. That’s how they succeed with this balance. If they treat everything like it’s commonplace then you’ll accept it too.

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Exploration is a main draw because it seems that around every corner you’ll discover a side mission or secrets that you’ll obtain only if you are curious enough to seek them out. Sometimes you’ll end up fighting hidden bosses that will test your skills, for your sake I hope you spent your skill points wisely. It’s a shame that there is no actual final boss. Just waves and wave of the same enemies, but the ending cutscenes make up for it. At least both DLC campaigns make up for it with their plots containing a mystery that also expands on the background of The Oldest House. The only downside to me is that the map is sometimes unreadable. I discovered two areas I wasn’t suppose to yet by complete accident. You are better off just following the signs as they are easier to understand and won’t send you in circles.

If you haven’t yet then I cannot recommend Control enough. In my many years of gaming I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything as bizarre and engaging in a game.


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