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Cooler Master and friends w/PCGaming Giveaway – RTX3070 Build!

Content of the article: "Cooler Master and friends w/PCGaming Giveaway – RTX3070 Build!"

Hey there champions, it's Cooler Master Beardman!

​Cooler Master has grouped up with a number of partners to bring a lucky gamer a (mostly) full build. This build doesn't include a CPU sadly. We still need to grind some boars before we unlock that feature! Additionally, this build will require some assembly. So, if you're new to building be sure to get some help! If you're a pro already, couldn't hurt to brush up on your skills. We hope this build brings brings a new gamer into the PC realm. And, if you're already there, we hope it enhances your experience. If you'd like a chance to win the build, all you need to do is leave a comment below on your PC gaming experience. I left an example with my own experience! With that out of the way, let's get to the components that will be given!

Grand Prize

  • Case: TD500 Mesh Black + Vertical GPU Holder Kit Ver2.
  • PSU: V Gold 750W
  • Cooling: MasterLiquid ML280
  • MOBO: B550 PG Velocita
  • GPU: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC
  • RAM: PVR416G320C6K
  • SSD: VPR100 M.2 RGB SSD -512GM28H
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How to enter!

What was the year you got into PC gaming, and what was the game that got you started on your journey?

Mine was Battlefield 2 back in 2005.

Boring, but necessary giveaway info.

  • Giveaway is global, so all can enter!
  • Giveaway will run for 1 week and will end on Monday the 2nd at 8pm EST.
  • If you're going to mention this giveaway to anyone (and we think you should), make sure you send the reddit link so we can get more people involved in the pcgaming subreddit, without them this giveaway wouldn't be possible.
  • Winner will be selected randomly.
  • Winner will be announced here on the post and in the comments.

Partners and extra info.

If you can spare the time I strongly suggest you check out these links as well. A couple of them are additional giveaways AND our partners who helped make this all happen. Thanks to every single one of them, and to every single one of you!

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Additional build giveaway!

BAPC giveaway! You can enter this one too!

Cooler Master





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