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Creative Crafting in MMOs

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I'm an MMO player that's more interested in PvE and crafting than I am in PVP, and I don't particularly like "grinding". I've yet to find a crafting system that really makes me happy. It seems like there are two "types" of games out there- sandbox games that allow for significant creativity in creating large objects (Minescape, No Man's Sky, etc) or MMOs with crafting "recipes" where by grinding levels and following a script (literally, in some cases), any player can make any item.

I wish there was an MMO that had "creative" crafting. To me, that means the following:
– No recipes. Every item is unique, and has unique stats
– No one-size fits all objects. In other words, a 7' Orc would use a larger sword than a 4' dwarf.
-Swappable and Scalable parts. To achieve the point above, parts could be swapped and scaled as needed. For example, a crafter could design a sword with a basket hilt, a curved blade w/ one sharp and one blunt edge 3' in length, or could use the same hilt for a 3.2' long sword with a straight edge, for example.

Each weapon would end up having unique stats for real-world capabilities like stabbing, slashing, bashing, reach, durability, weight, center of mass, etc. Like any MMO, you could also add in a "magical" aspect that impacted the player's strength or endurance or added elemental effects, etc. But the key point is that the crafted item should be unique, and basically un-reproducible. Even if you try to make the exact same weapon twice, it wouldn't turn out exactly the same way.

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Bottom line- I want to run around in an MMO world where everyone's weapons and gear are unique- not just the level cap crafted outfit or end-game raid gear set. I want different weapons to be better for certain tasks than others, and the "best" weapon for a player to be determined by both playstyle and personal preference, not a spreadsheet on a wiki somewhere. I want the same creativity seen in sandbox games to make it's way into MMO crafting. Is that even possible?


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