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CronusMAX PLUS and other Controller Conversion solutions

TL;DR: Controller converters like the CronusMAX are definitely good options that work well that you shouldn't be afraid of.

I'm putting this up in the PSVR sub because I think it would benefit this community the most. We're definitely a group that's willing to try something experimental. We're also a group that is trying to add devices to our gaming that increase immersion and improve our experience.

I've been gaming for over a decade and I have peripherals that I bought over a decade ago that are still in great condition and my only problem is that software compatibility isn't supported.

Queue the CronusMAX PLUS. I bought the CronusMax Plus 3 years ago because the PS4 was not compatible with my Logitech G25 racing wheel. The CronusMax worked flawlessly and I was very happy, but I set it aside because (as I have wanted for years,) I wanted a better setup.

Now comes Star Wars Squadrons, and the Thrustmaster TFlight HOTAS 4. I got the opportunity to buy one at a good price and jumped on it. After I did, I remembered the CronusMAX. I've had a Saitek X52 for over 15 years. Again, it got used sparingly mostly because I don't feel sitting a table or a desk does these things justice. But now came a really good reason to pull it out of storage.

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I was worried because the CronusMax works by translating functions of one controller to functions of a DS4. I thought that there different configurations in the games to optimize for the different controllers (DS4 VS TM HOTAS); so assigning a throttle axis to an analog stick may not translate well or be as smooth. I was wrong. Again, the Cronus MAX worked flawlessly. The translations between the axes of my X52 and the axes of the analog sticks and trigger buttons were perfect.

Why is this important? Because:

1) My 'obsolete' equipment is no longer outdated. I can use things I've had for years without investing hundreds of dollars replacing working peripherals.

2) The quality and feel of the X52 compared to the TM HOTAS 4 is much better. The throttle is smooth and gives much more granularity of control. The Stick (once modded) feels good and has so many options. The ability to use 'better' equipment is nice, especially if you've 'invested' in such things.

3) I am able to map any buttons as I please, though the touch pad may be a different story (I'm not sure because I haven't seen it used much). I can also invert axes if I want.

4) I can play games that aren't HOTAS compatible, with a HOTAS. RIGS, Detached, Battlezone, Wipeout. It really changes the experience, though Wipeout being about fast reactions is probably best with DS4.

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5) I can use legit rudder pedals, or other types of unsupported peripherals, there isn't really a limit as such. This opens up options for accessibility and creativity.

Now, can you use these devices to cheese games? Yes. But that's not the point. I can use what I want, how I want, when I want, and drastically change the experience I have. Yes, I have to connect to both the PS4 and the computer at the same time for some of these functions (with the CronusMax). That may not work for everyone. Yes, it takes a little fiddling to learn the software and customize things the way you like. Yes, not many people are doing this so finding information isn't always the easiest. But when it works, it's so flawless and perfect and buttery smooth, it's worth it.

CronusMAX is discontinued and replaced by the Cronus Zen. I haven't tried that particular device. There also seem to be other converter options available. As with anything it's best to read reviews and research what you are specifically trying to do to see if a purchase will be worth it.

For me, spending 75$ helped me not buy a new 350$ racing wheel, and saved me 120$ because I can return the TM HOTAS 4 and use the one I already had. It also opens me up to a breadth of new experiences. I'm really happy.

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I hope more of you try this type of solution and let us know what you did how it worked out for you.


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