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Crysis unofficial remaster fan project got ” secretly” shut down by Crytek

Content of the article: "Crysis unofficial remaster fan project got ” secretly” shut down by Crytek"

Here we are.

A man was hard working on porting Crysis 1 to Cryengine V since years as a free fan project.
Now, here is what i discovered on the Crysis Discord :

Now just look at that, the show goes on :

" I can't tell more about this sorry.." It is clear and needs no further explanation

This man got pressure from Crytek due to his work and avoids to talk about that in public. He can't. But i can, and I'm gonna do it with pleasure. They wanted to keep that secret, it will be public instead. How do you feel about that Crytek?

Yes, Crytek owns the IP and can do whatever they want, and that's not the point here.

There are great mods / projects which are against the rules and got authorizations from Crytek. And don't get me wrong, it's a good thing to see them alive. But the real question is : why did they act against this project specifically ? And why did they want to keep that secret?

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Crytek, you simply had to tell everyone you wanted to close this project in order to eliminate all competition for your broken " remaster" .

Because we all know the answers. This work wasn't canned because the man was against the " rules" ( some great mods which are allowed don't follow them too as explained) , but because Crytek feared he would have achieved something better than their official remaster. And judging from the pics, it would have been better looking, yes.

He would not have been harmful for them or the Crysis trademark. We're not speaking about a modder who creates cheating mods for an online game here, but about a fan of the franchise who dedicated years of his free time to give a fresh experience.

Years of work turned into dust because of greed. Good move for a company that pretends to be close to its modding community.

The old good Crytek is gone forever and ever. Nothing to add.

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