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Current solution for switching between PSVR and 4k60Hz HDR Deep Color for PS5 and Ps4/Pro

Most people on this and other subs are already aware of using an HDMI switcher but I wanted to share my experiences with what worked and what didn't for me and could save you some time.

Also links ( not affiliated) to what I have been using for the PS5 ( can't help with getting one, sorry :/ ) but seemed to still work with Ps4 and Ps4 pro.

This also works if you have your PlayStation and PSVR going through a Receiver.

Disclaimer: does not work for 4k 120Hz YET! Will probably be a bit for someone to make a legit 4k 120hz switcher but hopefully by then we'll have a PSVR2 and not need any of this! 😀

What works for me:

Bi-directional HDMI Switcher: I tried a handful of other switchers, this is the only one that worked for me on the PS5. You need one with a 1 in and 2 out, and bi-directional. I thought an HDMI Splitter would work, but was very finnicky and didn't translate to what I was hoping for.

This HDMI switcher did have a tendency to default to the #2 HDMI input but I'll get to how to connect later.

Also it will require you to Manually push a button. I heard they have one with a remote so it can be even more convenient but it was a bit more expensive and I don't know if it works with the PS5 yet.

2 HDMI Certified Premium Cables when connecting to TV


3 HDMI Certified Premium Cables when connecting to Receiver

I went through a handful of HDMI cables, including the ones that came with the PlayStations, but the only ones that have been consistent have been these. High Speed HDMI did not work consistently either but that COULD just be me.

They MUST be Certified Premium or you might have some problems with artifacts, flashing, and other connection related issues.

2 regular HDMI Cables

I use the one that came with PlayStation so I have no link but basically any HDMI should do fine.

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YOU ONLY NEED 2 if you plan on viewing the PSVR on your TV/Projector.

2 HDMI Slots

Again, ONLY NEED 2 if you are planning on viewing the PSVR on your TV/Projector.

IMPORTANT – keep in mind that if you want HDR you need to be sure you have an HDR capable HDMI input as well as manually check that your TV/Projector has HDR switched on for that input.

How you do this varies for most TV's and Projectors, just look up the manual for your model.

How to Connect – I will designate each cable with a letter ( A, B, ect) with special designation to extra HDMI for Receiver.

1 – Connect Certified Premium HDMI A to PS5/PS4/Pro HDMI output, and the other end to the HDMI Input on the Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher. The input will be on the opposite side of the 2 adjacent HDMI OUTPUTS on the device. There is no need for extra power to this device.

2- FOR DIRECT TO TV/PROJECTOR ONLY– Connect Certified Premium HDMI B to one of the two HDMI Outputs on the HDMI Switcher, and the other end to the TV/PROJECTOR HDMI 2.0 INPUT (One that can play HDR)

2a- FOR RECEIVERS ONLY – Connect Certified Premium HDMI B to one of the two HDMI Outputs on the HDMI Switcher, and the other end to a RECEIVER'S HDMI 2.0 INPUT (One that can play HDR)

2b- FOR RECEIVERS ONLY – Connect Certified Premium HDMI B-2 to OUTPUT on RECEIVER, and the other end to your TV/Projector HDMI 2.0 INPUT (One that can play HDR)

  1. Connect Regular HDMI C to the other OUTPUT on the Bi-directional HDMI Switcher, and the other end to the HDMI PS4 INPUT on the PSVR box.

3a – OPTIONAL – Connect Regular HDMI D to HDMI TV on PSVR Box, and the other end to HDMI INPUT on your TV/PROJECTOR/RECEIVER. This will be PSVR footage on the screen if you want it.

  1. Turn on PlayStation and TV/Projector, see which HDMI the HDMI Switcher starts with (There is a green light indicator over the OUTPUT that it is on). This will be it's default.
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If you want to turn on the TV with 4k HDR as your default, be sure the Green light is over HDMI B when you turn on the PlayStation. If the green light is over HDMI C when the PlayStation turns on, then you need to physically switch the HDMI output with HDMI B on the HDMI Switch so that the green light starts over HDMI B. This should be the LAST TIME you need to physically switch HDMI Ports.

  1. Once you've got your proper starting HDMI positions, turn everything on. Make sure your TV is set to the HDMI cable that the green light is over, which should be whatever you just switched to your default setting (I will be assuming HDR is your default for the rest of this).

Be sure your screen and receiver are switched to where HDMI B is connected to. Here the PlayStation SHOULD be showing on your screen.

Go to the PlayStation Settings – Sound and Screen – and Check Video Output Information. You should be receiving the fullest signal your TV is capable of, including the ability to turn on HDR. Set it to the settings that work for your TV.

IF YOU ARE STILL NOT SEEING PICTURE – Try turning the tv off and on. Then try shutting everything down and turning the TV on first, then the PlayStation. It could just be the order of which they are being turned on. Then of course, recheck all the cables. Other than that, I dunno.

This whole time you should not have pushed the button on the HDMI Switcher. It does what you think, Switches to PSVR. Now we test that.

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TURN EVERYTHING OFF. Now turn on the PLAYSTATION and PUSH the BUTTON on the HDMI Switcher. The Green Light should NOW be over HDMI C. NOW turn on the TV, Receivers, whatever is left if you connected HDMI D. The PlayStation SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY change to PSVR that you can check in the PSVR headset.

If you have connected HDMI D, then change your TV or Receiver to the HDMI D Input and you should be Receiving PSVR Video on that screen.

Now you should be able to switch between PSVR and 4k/60hz HDR goodness.

If anyone needs a diagram or video to better show I can do that, I tried to be as descriptive as possible.

I'll post here a video that more or less shows the set up, just REPLACE the COMPONENTS (HDMI's and HDMI Switcher) with the ones I listed as I'm not sure his would work with the PS5 at least.


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