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Danganronpa – A Combo of Ace Attorney, 999 / Zero Escape, and the Saw Movies

Content of the article: "Danganronpa – A Combo of Ace Attorney, 999 / Zero Escape, and the Saw Movies"

Just finished playing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. As the title says, it plays mostly like an ace attorney game but with the tone of the Zero Escape franchise and the Saw Movies. Heres the trailer to give you a taste:

The story (teeny tiny spoilers, nothing you don't find out in the first 30 minutes of this 25-30 hour game) is that you are an average Joe than has been randomly selected to attend a prestigious high school… Except when you get there you find yourself one of the 15 students locked in to the school, when suddenly a animatronic anthropomorphic Bear shows up and informs you that this is really a killing game, and the last one standing will be the one who "graduates"

Gameplay wise its what Ace Attorney would be if you could move around in physical space. The loop is that a murder happens, you have to investigate the scene and find the clues that eventually lead to a trial where you have to piece it all together to found out whodunnit. There is a secondary mechanic where you get to hang out with the other students and learn their backstories which is fleshed out a bit more in the post game minigame called School Mode.

Graphics: As the video above shows, it has this cool pop-up book aesthetic. Its not going to be testing anyones GPUs, but its a fine looking game.

The bad: I suppose for some the characters can be a bit stereotypical, but that's kind of what they are going for. Lots of JRPG type tropes, but its done in a humorous way that I liked. The English voice over was… well I had to switch back to the Japanese. Basically it doesn't read the words but each character has 12-15 phrases or noises that capture the essence of what the sentence actually says. So when the text says "OMG How could you do that!?" it will just have some generic exclamatory word or phrase. Its gets very annoying, but with the Japanese it kinds of tricks me into thinking they are actually talking, so I didn't mind it. Some of the contradictions can be a bit counterintuitive, but not overly so.

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Overall: This was an awesome visual novel type game with lots of twists and turns and a satisfying ending. Theres a little mini game after the main game that allows you to delve into the characters more than you can during the main game for those looking for more content.

Fans of any of the games mentioned in the title of the post should get a kick out of it. Its part of a trilogy as well, so lots more to go. Available on lots of platforms, I played it on mobile and it was great there.


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