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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and the others on PC! Let’s talk about that!

Content of the article: "Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and the others on PC! Let’s talk about that!"

First off, hand on heart, I am going to try my absolute hardest to avoid any even potential spoilers, that's kind of the whole point of the game. If I feel anything is even close, I'll mark it and if I do have to go further, I'll scream before hand.

So Danganronpa! It's a fairly long running series with… really strange platform choices, but three, (the only 3?) main games are all on steam, for pretty cheap. I picked up all three on a discount recently and sat down to play through the first one over a week or so, they're kinda slow.

Anyways, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a VN, sort of dating game-ish, with a bit of Ace Attorney style court scenes… it also takes heavy influence from the Saw movies. Yeah, you didn't read that wrong. Here's the opening 5 minutes, you play as a high schooler that gets accepted into the most prestigious high school, basically in the world, where everyone is super amazing at one talent, you are not good at anything and got in on luck. Upon entering the high school, you wake up in the school, but it's now a prison and you're stuck in there with 14 other students and a murderous bear named Monokuma, the series' mascot.

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You are then told the only way you get to leave is if you murder one of your classmates and get away with it. If a murder takes place, you are all sent into a trial where you have to guess who done it, get it right? The murderer is executed. Get it wrong? The murder goes free and everyone else is executed. HAVE FUN KIDS!

It's actually quite compelling and fun. The game has this really morbid sense of humor and interesting characters that play every anime trope up to 11. Also, and I usually don't notice as much as other people, but a really great soundtrack. Warning to people who get motion sick though, the camera is not going to do you a single favor there, I get zero from basically any game and it took my stomach a bit to adjust.

Game flow is basically dating sim for a few days, someone gets killed and then the best part of the game starts. You get to play detective, gather clues, piece together a story, and then the courtroom, oh boy the courtroom.

I hope you're up to snuff in your fps, rhythm game, adventure game puzzle logic, hangman and pictionary skills, because you'll need them all. If that doesn't sound overly fun, there are difficulty settings that give a much MUCH more story focused game.

So would I recommend it? Unless I knew you personally, NO! I fucking loved it! So much so there was about a 45 minute lag between when I finished the first one and started playing the second, but it's so damn weird. They're VERY slow in the beginning, but that's so you get attached to your favorite characters. And let me tell you, that first time around, when your best friend you've been spending all your time with is the murderer, that's quite the feeling of betrayal.

The first game took me almost spot on 20 hours to finish, and I feel like that's probably pretty par, I don't see how you would speed it up or slow it down all that much, it is, at it's heart, a VN. There is quite a bit of disturbing imagery and some fairly heavy themes, so do go in warned, but I loved the investigation part, the sort of "Case Closed" style of piecing the mystery together, and getting stuff right in the trial is just. SO. DAMN. SATISFYING!

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