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Dante’s Inferno, What a Ride (No Spoilers)

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I own an XB1 and have been hankering to play God of War. I had a PS2 and played the older games with much gusto. Through the grace of good fortune I stumbled upon my old CD case of games from a long time ago. In that CD case was the Marshal Mathers LP, Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, Diablo 2, and some XB360 games. I saw Dante’s Inferno and I knew that this would scratch that itch. I have been trying to stick with some more linear games recently and this checked off that box.

Firstly, let me say that I find the strongest part of the game is the artistic view of the game. From well done cut scenes to wonderful adult animation. (If you like boobs there are plenty of them in all their previous gen glory. This game is not for a younger audience for sure.) I enjoyed the ride through the 9 Circles of Hell to save Beatrice from Lucifer (Ya know, the devil). The bosses each stick out for their unique looks and animations. Switching back and forth through various art styles really showed the creativeness of the development team. I have to shout out the lead artist, Ash Huang, for amazing character design, backgrounds, and details that are slathered throughout the game.

The gameplay is similar to the God of War (GOW) games and there is nothing wrong with that. Those games were extremely well made. The developer Visceral Games, may have taken a few elements of the GOW franchise although I am happy to have this experience on Xbox. The gameplay is fun and allows you to choose between the Holy and Unholy skill trees to develop Dante’s skill. During my playthrough I chose to go through the Holy skill tree specifically and unfortunately it does not stand up to the unholy skill as well. I am stuck on the final boss because my characters skills are uneven. (OR I just have to get good most likely).

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The story line is average, but some of the other aspects of the game improve the overall experience of the entire game. The story is driven by the poet, Virgil who gives an explanation of each Circle of Hell. There are tons of collectables to find throughout the journey if you stray off the beaten path a bit. Boss fights are well done and some can be challenging on the normal difficulty setting. I can only imagine on harder difficulties.

If you are an older gamer with minimal time, you may be able to get through this linear gaming experience in a dozen hours or so. I am attempting to 100% the game so I will have to do another playthrough to complete the game’s achievements. There is some DLC that is not available anymore if that matters to all of the achievement hunters.

I do recommend this game for a fun action adventure, hack and slash experience. Sit back and enjoy the art of this fun game. I mean it is not the best game I have ever played, but it is fun. Gaming is about having fun, right?!?

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