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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: killing orcs has never been so much fun

I think this game is a good time for anyone who likes the gameplay style of Dishonoured or Prey. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is one of the early games by the same company that made those. If you can get past the somewhat dated graphics, you’ll find Dark Messiah shares a lot of the same qualities.

It's a first person action game, with large fantasy world areas to explore and find secrets in. Players can be very creative with the tools they're given when fighting and there's lots of viable combat styles. I played a sword and board character and it was honestly the best melee combat in any game I’ve played except Dark Souls. Positioning, timing and strike direction counted and there were brutal kill animations. I felt like Conan the Barbarian. You can also be a mage or a thief; I did a bit of both and thought they were fine too. No matter the class you specialize in, the best combat mechanic is kicking enemies and using the environment to your advantage. The levels are usually filled with spikes and fires so for easy kills and laughs you can kick enemies into these. Some of the levels are along cliffs so dispatching enemies can be a case of 'kick, over the edge you go'.

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The story itself is fine, nothing special, a typical save the world from an evil demon type thing set in a world of castles, orcs, goblins and necromancers. You start out as nobody, get thrown into the action, then go on missions to desert islands, orc fortresses, evil lairs, etc. Sometimes you’ll be accompanied by NPCs. The main thing interesting to me about the story was that early on you’ll be possessed by a demon who will talk to you throughout the rest of the game, they’ll try to persuade you to take the evil path and delight if you do naughty things. There are also some sequences involving giant monsters that change the pace of the game and a few possible endings depending on whether you want to be good or bad.


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