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Dark Souls 1 isn’t a very hard game

Content of the article: "Dark Souls 1 isn’t a very hard game"

Ok now I have your attention, let me explain. DS1 is a very challanging game that punish every mistake you make, but it's not impossible or very hard as someone might say. I have never palyed this game until now because I feared to be not enough skilled to finish it, but I found the remaster on sale and I could't hold me back anymore.

In my opinion a lot of people say that this game is very difficult because they confuse difficulty with gate with an incredibly steep learning curve. This game doesn't explain anything of its core mechanics, a lot of time the objective you need to pursue isn't clear at all and the story is very difficult to understand. For a person that approaches the game for the first time the things you need to learn are overwhelming and very difficult to figure out without external aid.

The thing that really sold this game is the mystery that pervades every little corner. It's the most atmospherixal game that I have ever played, the developers wanted to make the player feel alone and hopeless and they succedeed. The story of the world is very well built and interesting but it suffers tremendusly of the way it's told, I'm not a fan of the lore storytelling and in my opinion a lot of the world potential was wasted in the process of fragmentation of the story in little disconnected bits.

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The gameplay is an action rpg hybrid that works well, every weapon have an unique moveset that really make the combat interesting. The way the world is handled is perfect, the way they connected every location is astounding.

But the game is very distant from perfection. The second part of the game is very empty and dull, the bosses are very easy and few things can pose a real threat in the mid-late game. The final boss is a joke, the only thing that make the late game worth playing is the dlc (included in the remaster) that features some very challangeing and fun bosses. Some bad design can lead at very frustrating situations or very frustrating boss (there is a boss that requires good plataforming skills in a game where the jump is handled very badly) that can completely ruin the experience. The ragdoll system is bad, the ragdolls have almost no weight and they have the tendency to compenetrate with the pg or other environment objects. The IA of the enemies is not very well polished, a lot of times the enemies can't turn corners properly and they fall to their own death. The weapons sometimes clip in the walls and sometimes they are stopped, in some situations you can hit enemies behind walls and they can do the same.

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This game have a lot of flaws indeed, but it's an unique experince. I never replay games but I've just finished DS1 and I want to start a new game to try new weapons and playstyles. This game have charme and personality and it's something that alone can make the game worth to play even today.


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