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Dark souls 2: electric boogaloo

Content of the article: "Dark souls 2: electric boogaloo"

I have been having soulsborne withdrawal and about two weeks ago I fell prey to temptation. I have thoroughly enjoyed and beaten every soulsborne title since demon souls…. Except dark souls two. I played that title for about 8 hours and decided it was cheap gimmick filled rubbish.

I thought I would never give it another chance but the straw that broke the camel's back was when I realised I had never played through a ds game as a cleric. So I booted up dark souls 2, dawned my cleric robes and got pulverized into the ground within minutes. Just as a nostalgic "I'm home" smile began to flicker, awaiting the "you died" text. Instead I got :trophy earned "this is dark souls".

Bragging about being difficult is a bad sign…..what have I gotten into.

Two weeks later:

This game is mediocre garbage. I will finish it, but only out of spite and determination. Two reasons im Very familiar with when finishing a soulsborne…BUT NOT THE ONLY TWO!!! Other titles are beautiful and scary, and they make you feel like a child in the woods discovering things and taking risks and winning big and losing big. Dark souls two is more like being a child in an abusive household with a crappy older brother and brown walls with brown furniture and wet carpet. And bed bugs. And the front door is jammed so you have to use the back and walk around. From should be embarrassed.

They obviously thought the ONLY reason people play their games was difficulty and left everything else behind. The difficulty though is created cheaply, almost abusively. Taking health upon death (not just souls) timing torches, limiting spell usage, and plenty more to write A whole essay on. That being said….oddly enough…. I have beatin almost every boss I've faced on the very first try; it's the parts inbetween that suck ass. Maybe they didn't put much love in the boss combat "just make them die alot, the boss doesn't have to be clever" – director

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TL;DR. Craving soulsborne and playing dark souls 2 is like craving a ribeye steak and eating a salisbury steak. The later is boring, bland, and leaves you disappointed. (I meant Half a salisbury steak until you git gud)


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