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Dark Souls 3 vs Demon’s Souls (the PS3 Original since I haven’t the Remake) What are the pros and cons of both? And which one did you enjoy more? (My opinion down below)

Content of the article: "Dark Souls 3 vs Demon’s Souls (the PS3 Original since I haven’t the Remake) What are the pros and cons of both? And which one did you enjoy more? (My opinion down below)"

I am a huge fan of the Soulsborne genre. I have played Bloodborne, all the Dark Souls games and Demon's Souls (the original, not the remake). Now that the remake has been released recently, I want to discuss Demon's Souls again!

In terms of music, this is definitely a tough one. Dark Souls (the whole franchise) used recorded orchestral audio instead of MIDI synthetic instruments like Demon's Souls did. This makes the music sound more epic, varied and detailed. However, that does not necessarily mean that it is better. I feel as though Dark Soul 3's music fits the atmosphere and tension of it's game, and Demon's Soul's music fits the atmosphere of it's game. I personally prefer DS3's music slightly more because it is not as minimalistic. Although I do understand why some people prefer DeS' more basic music (less is more).

In terms of gameplay and enemy design- for me at least- this is a no brainer. Dark Soul's 3 is super refined and superior compared to Demon's Souls (which is understandable, considering there's a 7 year gap and also DS1, DS2 and Bloodborne in between). But even compared to DS1, Demon's Souls feels too clunky. (I'm talking about the original, not the remake here). Enemy design is cooler and a lot more varied in DS3, however, Demon's Souls' enemies looked darker in terms of design. In my opinion, the armour sets in Dark Souls 3 were way more varied and cooler looking than Demon's Souls.

Now, bosses. Wow the bosses in DS3 are AMAZING. Pontiff Sulyvahn, Yhorm the Giant, Iudex Gundyr, Aldrich, Dragonslayer Armour, Nameless King and Soul of Cinder are perhaps some of the best bosses in the entire series. They're all burnt into my mind despite being a year since I played the game. Demon's Souls on the other hand is a bit disappointing on the other hand. The only good thing about the bosses were that they had some really creative and inventive designs. However, not only are all of them much, much less challenging compared to the DS3 bosses, but most of the revolve around a cheap gimmick. Maiden Astraea, Dragon God and Tower Knight can barely be called boss fights. Overall, I think the bosses were actually BOSSES in DS3 and not just slightly stronger unique enemies like Demon's Souls.

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Finally, I want to talk about the atmosphere and lore of both games. This is where I think the original Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 3 have a fair fight. In terms of atmosphere, DeS has the advantage, with its inventive and creepy environments like Tower of Latria, Valley of Defilement and Shrine of Storms. Dark Souls 3 isn't lacking either, although some more colour variety would be nice. Speaking of which, the Demon's Souls Remake is very vibrant, which helps bring out the amazing graphics, but the game loses a bit of its special atmosphere by doing so. In terms of lore, Demon's Souls barely had any. Most bosses got no backstories, and we know almost nothing of Demons or the Kingdom of Boletaria. Dark Souls 3 wins this one, by a lot. Not only is there WAY MORE lore, but you get to see the aspirations and goals of the characters too.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed my time with both games, and both go down in my memory as some of the best games I've ever played. But I think Dark Souls 3 is better. Now here I'm regarding the original Demon's Souls (I haven't played the Remake yet). DeS feels like a template. It feels like a protoype or predecessor of the Dark Souls franchise, which is funny, considering DeS was supposed to be the spiritual sucessor of the even older King's Field series.

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Please let me know your thoughts and tell me which game you enjoyed more. I'd love to hear this community's opinions!


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