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Darksiders I: A great story locked behind tedious gameplay

I'm not too familiar with the Darksiders series and was just expecting a generic hack n slash game going in. But I was blown away with how well it held up and how it had an engaging story that made me push through the repetitive gameplay to get to the end.

A short summary of the premise (explained in the first few moments of the game) is that hell and heaven are waging war, and through the conflict mankind comes into existence. There is a council that rules there will be a truce as mankind will play an important role in this war but they need time to become strong so they can hold their own against the demons and angels. The ending of the truce is meant to be followed by the coming of the four horseman. For some strange reason, the ending is triggered too early and mankind is too weak to defend themselves and is wiped out and only one of the four horseman, War (character you play as), is summoned. You're essentially on a revenge/justice mission to figure out what the hell happened.

The story was really good and the ending was insane. With the incredible voice acting from Liam O Brian and Mark Hamill, it felt so badass and the story actually made sense. The only problems I had were that on normal difficulty the game is still too easy, I'd recommend playing it on the next difficulty up. There were a lot of: go to this area, solve a few puzzles, kill four mini bosses then kill the boss and repeat 5 or 6 times. It felt like a glorified fetch quest and after 12 hours I was beginning to feel burned out with the repetitive gameplay as it really dragged out the game. For some strange reason jumping was a bit temperamental, nine times out of ten it would be fine but that one time it would not register me pressing the jump button and I would end up falling to my death (not a major issue as you'd respawn on the ledge only losing a bit of health)

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In the end I got about 3/4 of the way through before getting bored of the gameplay so I decided to read the wiki and watch the remaining cutscenes on youtube to see how the story ended. I'm planning to play the second game but I've heard it has more technical issues, has anyone played it and have thoughts on it?


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