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Days Gone – a game I don’t think is all that great, but I want to praise anyway.

I frequently see a lot of posts in this sub on the more negative side. Hell, I've even done a couple myself. "This game has aged badly", "this game is overrated", etc. And that's fine! While I think it's better to talk about things you love than things you don't, (and don't get me wrong, there are a tonne of gushy, positivity filled posts on this sub too!), everyone is entitled to their own opinions on things. Obviously.

But, I want to take a moment to point out the best things about the game I'm currently playing through, Days Gone. It's far from a masterpiece, it's not even living next door to "great", but there's a lot to like about it.

Usually I'm someone that'll drop a game if it doesn't really wow me, but I haven't found myself wanting to do this yet. I'm about 7/8 hours in at this point, and I've been playing in 1-2 hour chunks, usually at night. I have to say, the baron, forest-y world of apocalyptic Oregon is strangely zen, even with 'Freakers' running around, making their gargling and screeching noises. The gameplay loop, so far, of doing a story mission, driving away from said story mission, continuing to drive around for a while and stopping along the way to clear a nest or grab some fuel or scrap from a NERO outpost, is rather enjoyable. There's a sense of calm that I get from driving around this rural world that I really admire.

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The acting is superb too, which is a given for these Gen 8 PlayStation games – but damn! Sam Witwer can act! Witwer and the rest of the cast bring a tonne life to these very likeable, grounded characters and it really complements the games focus on immersion. Every facial expression is incredibly detailed, every line is delivered with such confidence and nuance… Awesome! Textbook PS4!

Onto my favourite element; the combat. While, yes, it's nothing I haven't played before, there's something about this style of weighty, difficult-to-control-at-first-but-you-start-getting-the-hang-of-it-after-a-while combat that I really dig. The melee combat in particular, while not complex, feels gritty and weighty (using the word again because I can't think of a better one) in a way that is so satisfying to play that I can't wait to get into encounters with enemies. Some might call it sluggish, which I can't fully disagree with, but once I'd cranked the sensitivity up I found it to be a lot better. I'm yet to encounter a proper horde, but I can't wait until I do.

I want to keep this relatively short, and those are the main things that are keeping me coming back to this game every night, so I'm gonna open it up to you! Tell me about a game that you don't think is brilliant, but has a lot of likeable/admirable qualities. Tell me what those qualities are!

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If you want to go even further, tell me something you like about a game you hate?


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