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Dead Space 3 Co-op: The Only Thing Scary Was How Quickly I Lost Interest

Content of the article: "Dead Space 3 Co-op: The Only Thing Scary Was How Quickly I Lost Interest"

With the spooky season underway, my friend and I decided to delve into Dead Space 3. What started as a promising gaming night turned into us frustratingly walking away after only 4 hours, scared away not by the atmosphere or monsters, but by the gameplay itself.

It's worth saying that Dead Space 3 is a purchase worth hesitating about simply due to the troubleshooting that goes into getting it to launch. While Dead Space 3 can be bought over Steam, it needs Origin to open to launch. Personally, I despise Origin and never buy EA games (both because I don't support their business ideas and that I have no interest in almost any of their games) and having yet another launcher and password to remember is annoying.

If the game installs, the trouble then comes from getting the game to launch. Despite being 7 years old, the game suffers weird troubleshooting issues on launch. My own personal errors have included the game volume automatically rising when adjusted in volume management, resolution errors when launching, the game crashing when you get an achievement in the Origin overlay, and the game not launching if you have a joystick plugged in. On my friend's computer, he had errors where the game would attempt to auto-update, resulting in him doing a fresh install.

The real horror started when the game was installed and running properly. Dead Space 3's co-op campaign lasted us all of 4 hours before we put down our headsets sick and tired of playing. Dead Space 3 suffers from some atrocious gameplay issues, the first of which stems from the game's poor UI. The tight corridors of Dead Space 3 make for a claustrophobic experience, but the placement of health, status, and weapon/inventory information on the back of the player instead of on the screen means that there are many moments where they were out of view. Poor camera angles meant that, in combat, I was unable to see my health or stasis information; when connected with the poor hit animations, it often meant I would die without even realizing I took as many hits as needed. When adding a second player and in-game UI (yes you can see the second-player open their own menu) means there's just too much on screen that isn't needed, and not enough of what is.

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My friend and I finally put down the game after running into a few incredibly frustrating gameplay tropes that finally pushed us past the edge of patience. Dead Space 3's co-op campaign has several moments where one player is fixed to a position doing an activity while another attempts to defend them, or areas in which players are unable to defeat an enemy and therefore must run to escape. These "forced gameplay" styles take away from the co-op experience that my friend and I expected. Not to mention that in these moments, many cooperative options are disabled; one player cannot exit the stationary activity even if the first player goes down, and if escaping, if one player goes down the other cannot escape without picking them up, meaning they will both be trapped.

In essence, the gameplay of Dead Space 3 goes against the nature of cooperative gameplay, and when playing with a friend slowly drained the patience we had for the game. When gameplay isn't the issue, it's the abysmal troubleshooting that goes into getting the game to actually launch.

All in all, I don't think I'll be revisiting Dead Space 3 again.


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