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Death Stranding did something to me

Content of the article: "Death Stranding did something to me"

After trying Death Stranding multiple times since it released, I had a week off of work and decided to finally sit down and try to get through the entire thing. I've played a few MGS games (2,3,5) out of order, when I was way too young to understand it, but something about Kojima's world building always interested me. I remember when Death Stranding first released and it was met with a ton of unfavorable criticism. Things like "a basic walking Simulator with no payoff" and "typical Kojima story except the story doesn't wrap itself up nicely and still doesn't make any sense by the end of it"

Death Stranding, hands down, finds itself in my top 3 video games of all time and I'm really upset with myself for allowing reviews to deter me for as long as they did. Not only did I love the story, but by the end of it, I found myself loving the gameplay more and more each delivery.

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I am someone who has a hard time finishing games or even finding a game to play, I overthink it to the point where I just don't feel like even playing anything anymore. I convince myself that games must have a "meaningful" story attached to it in order for it to be worth it. I realize how incorrect that is, I loved Mario Odyssey.

After finishing Death Stranding, I realized that this is the first time… Probably ever, where I wasn't "waiting for it to finish". I geniuenly just wanted more and more the longer I was playing it. The mysteries surrounding every event in the world kept pushing me forward, the multiplayer aspect of helping other Porters around the world, the stealth mechanics, getting caught in timefall, all of it was just incredible.

Usually when I finish a game that I enjoy this much, I immediately want a different experience, but nothing ever feels like it will add up to what I just went through. Death Stranding is the first time where I want the same game, just maybe a different story. I would play Death Stranding 2 immediately, even if you told me that it is the same exact mechanics, just a different story arc.

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Has anyone else ever experienced this with other games? I'm sort of in a lull right now, trying to find something else to play, but I seem to just want the exact same atmosphere. I want something that makes me feel things.


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