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Decided to actually push through and create a game I like – Can I have your absolute likes and dislikes on mobile games in general?

I'm actually a developer/DevOps person and I've tried Unity years ago. Though I did not really push through on creating a game myself. Now, with the current state of the world, I actually played a lot more mobile games. In general, what I noticed was that a lot of games I sort of like, are just milking out their content and users.

After spending weeks not finding a game I actually liked, I decided to start making my own. As I do have spare time and I honestly wanted to make something solid. This is going to be a game that combines a mix of a "Castle defense" meets "roguelike" meets "an Idle RPG" without the idle part meets Diablo2. It's going to be 2.5d. Progression can be made on your town, castle, heroes, soldiers, items and the content will be really diverse.

Currently, the state is that I'm working on the fundament of the game. I have actually tested various things and became more confident about what would and would not work. A lot of what I've done is more on the technical side as drafts and it's way, way, way too early to provide any meaningful previews or whatsoever.

One part of this fundament is a few rules for myself and the game that I've set. I just want to check out if people would agree / like it. Both as motivation for myself but also just checking if I'm moving in the right way. For some, I've added a little bit more context so I could explain better what it means.

  • It should always be playable. One could always do "something" that is fun and rewarding.
  • To continue on the above; so no energy, tickets, tokens, or (massive) cooldowns and other BS.
  • Also, no idle or offline timers/rewards (you want to game right..?)
  • It may have RNG, but not in a way that its full RNG. To explain this further; it should give you a happy moment to beat RNG, but not make you constantly sad when you don't. I think it's important to not have an "everyone's a winner" but one should also not be 99.9% of the time a loser.
  • So, rewarding. I believe this differs per person but in general, I would like to see that people could make progress on multiple levels. One that has somewhat limited time, should also progress in some form and it should still feel rewarding. However, one that puts a lot of energy/skill into it, should equally feel rewarding for that much effort. I believe this should be possible by making sure that (see my first point) there is always something that you can do that actually IS rewarding. One of the key factors I often see in RPGs is that for example, low-level items are really fast, really useless. I strongly believe it does not have to be that way.
  • Content should be massive. Not 1-10 mobs but zergs and cool AOE's – with included drops from mobs for example. However, it should also have elements where there is a lot more of a focus on your 'skill' (i.e. bosses/elites). Yet, I don't want to make it in a way that what you often see, only bosses give 'the best' drops. I'd rather see different options that are perhaps challenging in their own way but regardless of your preference, should not affect the "you must do X to get Y, which is the "best".
  • Content/gameplay over visuals/animations, to some extent, as it should still look somewhat smooth
  • Content should not be felt like a requirement to achieve a specific thing
  • There should not be a mechanic that can be felt as tiresome. I.e. quality of life should just be present and not require a farm session of 10 days.
  • Social; I found this really rewarding to have a nice community with teams, guilds, and general chats. Also to directly add; active moderation. Too often I see way too much trash in chats.
  • Online. I know this might be a deal-breaker for a few but I have tested various things and even though I can split offline/online functionalities, it's just way too easy for cheaters. A good part of the game will be about character, town/castle, and gear development. If there is no server-side control and checks, it just opens up for cheaters.
  • More community-driven development. I honestly feel like the community, thus the players, often know what is the best for the game. Once it hits some stage of early-alfa I would already be very much open for feedback. This would continue after the release of the game with an open form of development, priorities, and issues.
  • Zero pay2win elements. IF there would be some premium-shop, it would be purely visual. I also don't have any intentions of even creating that any time soon. One of the major reasons is that I honestly have a good life in which I have enough spare time while also being blessed with a solid income. As for any compute/cloud costs; I live in that world and I'll manage. So, let me just try to make something useful and fun. The only reason I would even consider the visual store would be to be able to pay others for their work at that time. Honestly though, this is way too early to even bother talking about…

I'm really looking forward to your thoughts about what you really like about mobile games. Also, I'm also curious about your dislikes in general so I (might) not make those mistakes. If I somewhat sparked your interest, let me know if you want updates on this project more often on Reddit.


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