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Demon’s Souls PS3 (no spoilers, early impressions)

Content of the article: "Demon’s Souls PS3 (no spoilers, early impressions)"

So, I'm probably not going to be getting a PS5 for a while, but I wanted in on the conversation about the game, so I figured about a month ago that I'd just pick up the PS3 version to see how the game was and as one might expect from a Fromsoft game, it still holds up pretty well.

For some background on my own experience, I personally started with Bloodborne, went to DS1, and then DS3. I've 100%-ed Bloodborne and DS3 (minus the covenant rewards) and have beaten DS1. Another thing that you should probably know is that I've played through all of these games exclusively offline, so the fact that Demon's Souls servers are no longer active had no impact on me personally.

In terms of how it plays, I FEELS pretty close to Dark Souls 1, which makes sense given it came out 2 years before the beloved classic. I've already found several different weapons that I find fun to use, so I can easily see myself making multiple runs through this game as time goes on. There are some familiar faces and… well I guess not references since it's the first game in the series, but you may recognize some things from Demon's if you've played other Fromsoft games.

Structure-wise it's unique compared to other Soulsborne titles. It does not have an interconnected world, but rather 5 archstones that are all straight shots to a definitive finish line. That's not to say they are completely linear, as you will still loop around the areas in different ways, but think of it like the Soulsborne boss fights that are ultimately the end of a given path and that's the case for every area. These will all be unlocked after you get through the tutorial area and then also defeat the first boss from one of the archstones. It should be noted though that it doesn't seem like these paths are all meant to be conquered individually, because each archstone has different aspects that will all be useful to you in different ways. For example, imagine one level is good for collecting crafting materials, one for getting healing items, one with a merchant that sells essential items, etc. So if you're struggling on one archstone, it's worth checking out the others to see if you can find something to make life easier for you.

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Bosses…have all felt pretty easy to me personally? I don't know if this is because they're actually easy or if I'd taken them on with an OP character. Bit of a warning, the Archstone of Shadowmen has enemies that will give you a LOT of souls if you can beat them (parrying is pretty much essential to do it), so that might be something to be careful about if you don't want things to be too easy. But anyway, their patterns have been rather simplistic, so just make sure you walk in with enough healing items, have enough vitality that you don't get one-shotted, and don't be too greedy with getting in a bunch of hits, and you should be good to go.

Anyway, some other little things worth noting, items have "weight" although this doesn't work like equipment weight does, it's rather just a cap on your inventory. If picking up an item exceeds your weight cap, you simply won't be able to pick up the item unless you discard/store something first. This has never been too much of an issue for me personally though, since you have access to storage pretty much immediately, so just put away anything you don't need and you should be fine (particularly crafting materials/armor sets/weapons). Also, this will probably be something you'll notice immediately, but you can not level up until after you've defeated the first boss from the first archstone in the Nexus, so it might not be worth hanging onto your souls before you've done that just to minimize your risk.

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And I think that's about everything I want to mention at least off the top of my head. Don't have too many thoughts on the story, because I feel like I haven't advanced too far in it yet, but it at least has my attention so far. Would also like to hear thoughts from anyone that HAS beaten the game to see how my thoughts compare to yours.


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